Barclays confirms Apple Pay is coming by April


Apple Pay is coming to the U.K. this fall.
Barclays was the last major U.K. holdout for Apple Pay.
Photo: Apple

Apple Pay has added the last of the U.K. holdout banks, with Barclays revealing that it will start offering Apple’s mobile payment service to customers in the United Kingdom, “within the next 60 to 75 days.”

Although there’s no definite day given, that would put the date somewhere between March 12 and 27, which is slightly later than the “very early 2016” launch the bank had mentioned last year.

Sky Sports For iPad Now Lets You Choose Your Own Camera Angles During Replays



When you’re watching the game, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could replay key moments from any camera angle you choose?

With the latest Sky Sports update for iPad, you can. Launching just in time for the upcoming UEFA Champions League final, Sky Sports 360 is a brand new feature that lets viewers select and replay exciting moments from over 20 different camera angles.

iPhone 5’s New In-Cell Touch Display Is Causing ‘Significant Production Constraints’ [Report]


Manufacturers simply cannot produce the iPhone 5's new display fast enough.

It seemed like Apple was coping well with the iPhone 5 demand, despite it being the company’s fastest-selling iPhone to date. Sure, pre-orders sold out within the first hour of availability, but those who were told they wouldn’t get their new smartphone until October have already begun receiving shipping notifications.

But iPhone 5 production may have hit a stumbling black. The handset’s new 4-inch display, which boasts in-cell touch technology that allows it to be incredible thin, it reportedly causing “significant production constraints” that mean Apple cannot produce the device fast enough.