Another 23 U.S. banks now support Apple Pay


Apple Pay is awesome, but where do they accept it?
Apple Pay's reach extends even further.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple today confirmed another 23 U.S. banks and credit unions now offer support for Apple Pay. The moves comes just a day after Canadian banks Tangerine and President’s Choice Financial also announced support for the mobile payments service.

Simple Bank Brings Smart “Goals” Budgeting To Beautiful iPhone App


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Simple, a great bank I’ve been using for the past several months, has brought its “Goals” budgeting feature to the iPhone. If you haven’t checked out Simple as a banking alternative yet, then go do that now because it will entice you. The whole service is exquisitely designed on web and mobile, and the customer support is top notch (there’s an open ticket to chat with a real Simple employee right in the app, if that says anything).

While Simple still has some growing to do, it got better today. Goals helps you manage your money on the go so you don’t go broke buying overpriced lattes and such.

Beware This Fake iCloud Email That Will Attempt To Sell You Flowers


Look at how ridiculous this email is.
Look at how ridiculous this email is.

Phishing emails are some of the most frustrating emails I have delivered to my inbox. While I’ve never fallen for one, the sheer audacity of the sender, who makes a lame and shameless attempt to steal my login and/or bank details (often using the name of a bank I’ve never dealt with in my life) really infuriates me.

There seems to be one going around at the moment that claims to be from Apple targeting iCloud customers. Unlike traditional spam emails, however, this one won’t attempt to steal your login details when you click on its link. Instead, it wants to sell you flowers.