The Ultimate iPad Mini Accessories Buying Guide [Feature]


The iPad Mini at the Apple Store in Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
The iPad Mini at the Apple Store in Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

The iPad Mini is here, and it is lying naked and vulnerable on your desk/bed/lap/passenger seat. And that’s ok, because today is all about tweaking and configuring your settings, installing apps and seeing which of your pants have back pockets big enough to carry it (don’t sit down!)

But what of tomorrow? Soon you’ll start searching for cases, speakers, docks and other accessories for the latest tiny addition to your family, and that’s where we come in. Yes, you can use most of your iPad and iPhone accessories with the new Mini, but here are some add-ons which work particularly well with Apple’s littlest tablet.

The Cable Fondler, A Desk-Tidy For Tree-Huggers And Retro-Hippies



I’m posting this cute little gadget mostly for the benefit of Cult of Mac’s esteemed deputy editor John “olde-worlde” Brownlee, a man so reverent of natural materials that he once swapped out the ugly, modern sheet of borosilicate glass atop his induction hob for a shiny sheet of vintage, tanned pigskin.

With hilarious (and bacon-scented) results.

So this cable wrangler should be right up his street, especially as it is called the “Cable Fondler,” a name which will appear to Mr. Brownlee’s other weakness: he’s a colossal perv.

Grove’s Making The Sexiest, Bamboo-iest Cases Yet For The iPhone 5



Grove has long made some of the sexiest Apple accessories around, hewing them out of polished bamboo and then laser etching them with attractive designs of your choice, so it’s no surprise that the Portland, Oregon based outfit now have cases available for the iPhone 5. Also unsurprising is just how gorgeous they are, especially in their etched incarnations.

You’ll pay, of course — Grove’s iPhone 5 cases start at $79 without any engraving, and go up from there to $99 for one with a design and $129 for a custom engraving. Fashion never comes cheap.

Source: Grove

Wacom Bamboo Pocket,: A Tiny, Extending Stylus



Wacom might be letting every other pen maker bring touch-sensitive styluses to the iPad first, but at least its regular dumb iPad styluses are amongst the best out there. And if you have ever hefted your Wacom Bamboo stylus and thought “This is almost perfect, but I wish it were a little stubbier,” then I have good news:

Wacom has made a stubby stylus. What’s more, it transforms into a long and slender stylus. It’s called the Bamboo Stylus Pocket.

Bamboo Box Turns iPad Into An All-Powerful Cash Register


This cash register could be used in the House of Bamboo

I used to work as a the sole waiter in a restaurant where the cash register consisted of a wooden cigar box and a solar-powered Casio calculator. I’m an honest chap, and the chef was also the owner, so it worked just fine. But times have changed, and now there exists a modern alternative to our old cedar box. It’s called the Cashbox and it is fashioned from beautiful bamboo varnished to look like a hideous high-school craft project.