Design isn’t the only thing China’s copying from Apple


Turns out that Apple's got some great accountants.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It’s not just handset design that Chinese tech companies seem keen to “borrow” from Apple. According to a fascinating new report, a growing number of Chinese companies are copying Apple’s “balance-sheet strategy” by issuing debt as a way to increase their return on equity and hand money back to shareholders.

Apple Releases Safari 6 For OS X Lion


A little treat for those sticking to OS X Lion.
A little treat for those sticking to OS X Lion.

If you’ve decided to wait for OS X Mountain Lion until all of your apps are compatible, don’t think Apple has forgotten all about you already. The Cupertino company has just released Safari 6 for OS X Lion, which introduces a number of new features, including the smart search field, an offline Reading List, and more.

Apple Adding Baidu Search Engine For Chinese iPhone Owners [Report]


Chinese iPhone owners rejoice!

Apple offers a number of search engines for iOS users, including Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing. According to a new report today, Apple will be adding Baidu search engine support for iPhone owners in China as early as next week. The feature will likely be announced alongside other iOS 6 announcements at WWDC.

Baidu is basically the Google of China, owning 80% of the market there while Google only owns 17%. It’s not surprising that Apple would want to support the largest search engine in the iPhone and iPad’s fastest growing market. Not to mention that this is another move that pushes a certain company farther away from iOS.