The Awesome Modus III Packs Every Known iPad Accessory Into One Giant Package



You’re going to love this one. What if I told you there was an iPad accessory that combined a full-sized keyboard, a case, a desktop tray and an iPhone dock, plus a compartment for storing a whole mess of charging and connection accessories. And what if I told you this behemoth was styled into a package that would make a 1990s-era traveling businessman proud to use it?

Well, as you may have suspected, this absurdity does exist. It’s called the Modus III, and it’s all kinds of awesome.

Old Pan Am Life Rafts Make Surprisingly Good iPad Cases [Review]


Life Raft by Station Supply Co
Category: Cases
Works With: iPad 2+, iPhone 4+
Price: $45 as tested

Pan Am, a U.S icon that died in 1991, thankfully before it’s name could be ConCatenAted into PanAm, and not before some clever entrepreneur with an eye to the future squirreled away dome of the planes’ old life rafts.

Fast forward to today, when those rafts are being chopped up and made into cases for another American icon: the iPad. For just $20, you can wrap the back of your tablet in a strip of – uh, whatever life rafts were made of in the 70s.

I have been using one on my iPad mini for the last week or two. It’s fantastic, but I had to administer some tough love to get it onto shape.