Aviiq Freshens Its Origami-Like Portable Laptop Stand, Cuts Price




I’ve long been a big fan of Aviiq‘s laptop stands — so much so that I almost never use my MBP without a stand under it. Why? It props the MacBook up at an angle better suited to typing, raises the screen close to eye-level, and allows for better cooling by allowing for airflow between the MacBook’s bottom and the desk.

Aviiq has just refreshed the fancier of the two models, the Portable Laptop Stand, and brought down the price considerably.

$100 ‘Charging Station’ Is Just A Leather Pouch With a USB Hub Inside


You probably own a charging station like this already

Why carry just a tiny iPad charging brick and a few miniature USB cables to juice all of your gadgets when you could instead schlep this huge "Portable Charging Station with Cable Rack" along with you instead? That’s what AViiQ hopes you’ll do, and it also wants you to pay $80-$100 for the privilege.

Aviiq’s Ready Clips Look Ready To Break [Review]


These adapter cables look great, but might not last. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Take a look at your desk. Now, find a cable. Chances are that it is tangled up with another cable, and even if it isn’t, then it is probably tied to itself in knots. What if you had a set of commonly used cables that were impossible to tangle? Aviiq’s Ready Clips will provide you with this courtesy, and they throw in pen-like clips to sweeten the deal.