Tiny camera will make you think twice about spy shots

The Autographer puts photography on autopilot. Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

CHICAGO — I thought I was boarding the train with a camera that gave me a cloak of invisibility.

But even before the train began moving away from the station, the eyes of a man with a handlebar mustache drew a bead on my Autographer, a tiny, continuous-shooting photographic device clipped to my breast pocket.

He furled his brow. He did not blink. What was he thinking? Could he see the lens? Was he wondering if that thing was on? Maybe some insecurity set in, but the vibe felt like he was suspicious.

Autographer Wearable Camera Automatically Captures Your Entire Day


Wearable electronics that don't look dorky. Who knew?
Wearable electronics that don't look dorky. Who knew?

Some years ago, I had a science-fiction idea. What if you could wear a camera and record your entire life? It would be small enough to hang around your neck or clip to your clothes. It would have enough memory and battery power to run all day, and it would record with a high enough resolution that you could “enhance” images to see close-up details.

Of course, this tech now exists. The latest iteration is this neat little Autographer, and in some ways it’s even better than my “invention.”