A savvy Apple fan has sent a robot to queue for her iPhone 6s


It certainly beats sitting out in the cold.
Photo: Atomic 212

People are already camping out for the iPhone 6s, but one smart would-be customer from Australia has decided to dodge the queues — by sending a robot on her behalf.

Lucy Kelly dispatched the robot — a remote-controlled tablet attached to a Segway — to wait in line at the flagship Apple Store in Sydney, where the iPhone 6s will go on sale ahead of the rest of the world. It gives her the ability to join in the fun of waiting alongside eager Apple fans, without the negative part of standing around for hours in the cold.

Now why didn’t we think of that?

Forget Trash, it’s ‘Rubbish’ now! iOS 9 embraces local slang


Apple's acting global, thinking local.
Photo: Apple

In addition to offering Siri in an ever-increasing range of accents, it seems that Apple is making a few more nods to localization with iOS 9.

Spotted by a user in Australia, Apple has renamed the Trash folder the “Rubbish” folder in its latest local version of the mobile operating system.

Someone’s already camping out for iPhone 6s — and he’s not even an Apple fan


I love my iPhone, but I'd draw the line at this.
Photo: Seamus Byrne/Twitter

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus haven’t even been announced yet, but already an Australian man is camping out in front of Sydney’s Apple Store with the aim of being the first person in the world to buy Apple’s next-gen handset.

And, weirdly enough, he doesn’t claim to be a particularly big Apple fan.

Australian banks aren’t in a hurry to say g’day to Apple Pay


Apple defended the koala-ty of its Australian tax practices.
Australian banks wish Apple Pay would make like a boomerang and go home.
Photo: Cult of Mac / Picturesofmoney

Apple Pay might be a while arriving in Australia according to a new report, which claims that the country’s four largest banks are stalling negotiations with Apple so as to hold on to $2 billion per year they earn from merchants for interchange fees.