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Stuck in traffic? Audiobooks app adds 1,600 free titles


Free public domain audiobooks app Audiobooks (kind of like Audible for the poor-dible) has just received a notable upgrade.

Coinciding with the app’s fifth anniversary, Audiobooks 6.0 features a redesigned interface — improving significantly on the iOS 7 overhaul which arrived last September. The improved interfaces adds book covers for easier searching, along with a better library and file management system.

The upgrade also sees the addition of around 1,600 new audiobooks to the app’s free catalog, along with the addition of podcast support.

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Fall Asleep To Music With Your iPhone’s Hidden Sleep Timer [iOS Tips]


Whether this feature has been in iOS since the beginning or not, this is the first I’ve heard of it, so I’m guessing there are a few of you out there that haven’t found the sleep timer in iOS, either.

If you want to listen to music or audiobooks before you go to sleep, it’s generally a good idea to have a way to turn the music off after you’ve fallen asleep, right?

Well, it turns out that there’s a sleep timer right in iOS itself, but it might not be where you’d expect it to be.

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At Last! Audible App For iPad

At Last! Audible App For iPad

Audible. An amazing service, with the worst app ever. Until now, that is. Not only has Amazon (Audible’s owner) finally made a version for the iPad, it has also tweaked the iPhone version extensively.

Read the rest of this post » Finally Brings Unlimited Audiobook Streaming To iOS Finally Brings Unlimited Audiobook Streaming To iOS has today launched the first subscription service to provide unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks streamed directly to your device. The service uses an HTML5 web app and promises to enforce no monthly limits and no long-term commitments.

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How To Delete Audiobooks Directly From Your iOS Device [iOS Tip]

How To Delete Audiobooks Directly From Your iOS Device [iOS Tip]How To Delete Audiobooks Directly From Your iOS Device [iOS Tip]

One of the nifty little features in Apple’s iOS operating system is the ability to “swipe to delete” certain items. You can use the gesture to remove songs, podcasts, videos, text messages, emails, and more from your device, but for some bizarre reason, not audiobooks.

Here’s how to delete audiobooks directly from your iOS device — without the need for a computer.

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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: PhotoForge2, Foodish, Zootool & More!

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This week’s roundup of must-have iOS applications begins with the second edition of PhotoForge – the popular photo manipulation tool for iOS. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, PhotoForge2 promises to be a breakthrough for image editing on the go, with unparalleled tools and amazing effects to transform your photos into masterpieces.

Foodish is a new application that claims to make dining and drinking twice as much fun (is that even possible?), by providing a quick and easy way for you to keep a record of your diet, but in a way that’s fun and enjoyable rather that dull and tedious like traditional diet tracking applications. It makes it simple for you to see how healthy or how dreadfully unhealthy (like mine) your diet is.

Zootool is a great little tool that makes bookmarking, organizing and sharing your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the web incredibly effortless.

Find out more about the application above and check out the rest of this week’s must-haves – including Audibly and eBay Motors – below!

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Audible App Now Available For iPhone & iPod Touch

Audible App Now Available For iPhone & iPod Touch, the provider of digital audiobooks and more, now have an application available for your iPhone & iPod Touch. It’s a free download and claims to deliver the “the most comprehensive audiobook experience ever.”

If you’re not already an Audible member, you can create a new account for free within the app, and as a bonus you will receive a free excerpt from The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World. At present, only accounts will work, however the description states support for, .de and .fr accounts is coming soon.

Noteable features include the ability to transfer your books wirelessly between your computer and your device over Wi-Fi; multitasking for background audio playback and background downloading for compatible devices with iOS 4; and the opportunity to connect to Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know what you’re listening to.

Another nifty feature is the ability to check out your listening stats and collect “badges” for your listening habits.

Audible App Now Available For iPhone & iPod Touch

For more information and to download the Audible app, check out the App Store here.