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Make Your Mac Send Sound Output To Your Giant HDTV [OS X Tips]

Audio through HDMI

At work, I use a big Acer monitor connected to my Macbook Air via an HDMI dongle from Moshi and an HDMI cable. For quite some time, I was content with having the sound come out of the Macbook Air, which I have set up just to the left of the big monitor as a second screen.

But the other day, since I have the huge TV in my office, the rest of the staff came in to preview a promotional video we’d done for our agency. The tinny sound of my Macbook Air speakers wasn’t enough. I wanted to hear it out of the TV.

This is what I did.

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Try A Kinder, Gentler Real-Time Social Photo Sharing App, SpeakingPhoto

Speaking Photo

SpeakingPhoto is a new social photography app that lets you connect in real-time with anyone you like, using photos and recorded audio to share your special moments. Competing with Vine, Snapchat, and Digisocial, SpeakingPhoto aims to be a nicer place to be; instead of the party-atmosphere of the latter two apps, this one wants to let you record and archive the “memories, notes, and stories behind milestone moments in your personal and professional lives.”

Pretty heady stuff for a photo sharing app, right?

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Bem’s Portable Speakers Are Great For Parties—When They Work [Review]

Bem's Wireless Speaker Trio: Fully charged and ready for action.

Bem’s Wireless Speaker Trio: Fully charged and ready for action.

If you’ve ever had a party with people in various rooms of your house, maybe even outside, Bem’s Wireless Speaker Trio was made just for you.

Wireless Speaker Trio by Bem Wireless
Category: Cases
Works With: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or anything with Bluetooth
Price: $299.99

The Trio is a neat idea: connect your music source (iPhone, iPad, iPod) via Bluetooth to its base station, then move any of its three rechargeable satellite speakers anywhere in your home, up to 120 feet from the base, and they’ll fill that room with music from your iDevice or Mac.

But while Bem’s Wireless Trio is a great idea and was awesome when it worked, my tests brought to light some problems I just couldn’t ignore.

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ETZ Headphones: The Ferrari Of Headphones [Deals]


If you’re a true music aficionado your time has come to upgrade to one of the best-designed sets of headphones on the market. This Cult of Mac Deals offer features a headset that is designed specifically for anyone looking to enhance their audio experience.

If you’ve considered buying high-end headphones such as Beats by Dre, these ETZ Headphones from 3EIGHTY5 AUDIO have arguably better sound quality with more luxury and style for half the price – just $129!

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Stitcher Radio For iOS Gets Topic Search Feature, Performance Improvements


Stitcher Radio for iOS has today been updated to add a nifty new “Topic Search” feature that helps listeners discover trending topics across more than 15,000 shows. The update also brings better episode management, improved Voiceover mode, performance improvements, and more.

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PylePro Soundbar Is A Brutalist Bluetooth Blaster

PylePro Soundbar Is A Brutalist Bluetooth Blaster

Forget about lame-o portable Bluetooth speakers for your iDevices and take a look at this monster instead. It’s the PylePro soundbar, and it’ll sit up on your wall and blast 300 (three hundred) watts of sound into your living room.

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Beats By Dre Studio Headphones: Taking The World By Storm [Deals]

CoM - Beats

Brace yourself. This promotion is only 3 days long, so be sure to snag this Cult of Mac Deals offer before it’s too late!

Thanks to Beats by Dre Studio Headphones, you can finally you experience music the way every music fan deserves. And you can experience it for 47% off the regular price. If you love your music, you can’t go wrong, as these headphones are going for just $158 for a very limited time.

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The JBL Charge Is Like A Jambox That Can Recharge Your iPhone [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – I love my Jambox, but I’m always perplexed why I can’t charge my iPhone using it. After all, it’s essentially a big battery brick with a speaker attached… why can’t I siphon some juice off the top?

The answer is that, in reality, the Jambox has a pretty tiny battery. It’s good for powering a speaker, but it would die pretty quick if you tried to juice an iPhone or (heaven!) an iPad with it. The JBL Charge, though, remedies that problem: it’s a great sounding Jambox-style speaker with a massive battery inside.

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RCA Soundflow Is Like NFC Audio For Any Device, Without NFC [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – We’re a big fan of wireless Bluetooth speakers like the Jambox, but let’s face it: for most people, they are both too expensive, and too much of a pain in the butt to remember to pair and unpair. When NFC sees broad adoption, the latter will change, and you’ll be able to play from a wireless speaker just by laying it on top of the device.

Why wait for NFC, though? RCA of all companies is here at CES with a super cool new speaker line called the Soundflow, and it can play music from any smartphone or tablet just by laying it on top of the speaker. Best of all? The technology is so cheap that for the price of one Jambox, you could buy five or six Soundflows.

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Naim’s New High-End Sound Converter Aims At Computer Music Listeners [CES 2013]

Probably sounds as good as it looks

Probably sounds as good as it looks

High-end hifi people Naim announced a stylish new audio playback gadget designed to make listening to computer-based music as good as possible. Needless to say, you have to shell out serious money for this kind of serious sound.

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