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XO Brings Real Time Collaborative Audio Editing [NAMM 2013]


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ANAHEIM, Calif. – Rising from the ashes of XO Wave, a digital audio workstation for editing music WAV files, comes Xonami, a real-time Internet-based audio editing tool that allows two or more people to work on a music file from different locations while keeping their changes up to date.

As one person makes changes, they are rolled into the work of others. As changes come in, you see them updated on the screen. The connection between the users is secured and files are stored in the cloud. Producers or mixers can either work on existing sound files or they can capture a live recording and work on it in real time, and no one has to be in the same room.

Xonami is still in beta test but users can sign up with a mailing list to keep up to date.

Make These Audio Tweaks To Improve Your iMovie [OS X Tips]

Make These Audio Tweaks To Improve Your iMovie [OS X Tips]

Remember that audio makes up the first half of the term, “audio-visual.” Movies are just as much about sound as they are vision – a fact that Hollywood never forgets; nor should you. Apple made some fairly great improvements to the audio editing capabilities of iMovie ’11, and here they are.

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