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AT&T Is Completely Doing Away With Traditional Data Plans For New Customers

AT&T iPhone

Today AT&T announced that it will be completely doing away with traditional data plans for new customers on October 25th. The carrier has been transitioning to its pooled, “Mobile Share” plan options since it introduced them last summer.

New and existing customers have still been able to choose from a Mobile Share plan or a traditional data package, but that luxury will be gone for new customers in two weeks.

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AT&T Brings More Than 100 Live Channels To U-verse App For Android & iOS


AT&T has updated its U-verse apps for Android and iOS to add live streaming for over 100 channels, more than 20 of which can be enjoyed “outside the home.” The service is available at no extra cost for AT&T subscribers as part of their existing U-family or U-verse TV package.

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AT&T Extends & Improves LTE Coverage Across 13 New Markets


AT&T has announced that it has extended its LTE coverage across the United States yet again, with 13 markets receiving new or improved LTE this time around. Eleven of them are getting LTE coverage for the first time, while the other two are promised faster and more reliable LTE speeds.

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Software Glitch Let Some Verizon Customers Upgrade Phones Without Losing Unlimited Plans

No, that was just a mistake. Oops.

No, that was just a mistake. Oops.

Some lucky folks at Verizon were recently able to upgrade to a new phone without losing their unlimited data plan. Color us totally jealous.

This was the result of a glitch, said Verizon, and not a change in policy like some may have mistakenly hoped for.

Verizon told AllThingsD on Monday that it would, however, honor the unlimited plans of customers that were able to upgrade without the dreaded limited data plan of doom.

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Sales Estimates Show iPhone 5s Is Outselling The 5c Nearly 3 to 1


The iPhone 5s was hard to find this weekend but Apple certainly had no problem with the supply of the iPhone 5c. Early estimates showed the iPhone 5s outselling the 5c by a considerable margin on launch weekend and it’s still outselling its cheaper sibling nearly 3 to 1 a week later according to the newest data from Localytics.

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AT&T Just Paid $1.9 Billion For Some Of Verizon’s Wireless Spectrum

Want to unlock your off-contract iPhone 5? Try restoring in iTunes.

AT&T has decided that it wants to make its 4G LTE service available to over 270 million Americans by the end of 2013, but with limited wireless spectrum available in the areas it needs to improve, the company has decided to strike a deal with its archenemy Verizon.

To expand its coverage AT&T has purchased $1.9 billion worth of Verizon’s lower 700MHz band B block wireless spectrum. The extra wireless spectrum will give AT&T access to cover 42 million people in 18 states.

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Just In Time For New iPhones, Walmart Launches Its Smartphone Trade-In Program


If you’re hoping to pick up one of Apple’s new iPhones next Friday, but you need a little cash to put towards it, then it might be worth heading down to your local Walmart with your old smartphone. The retailer is set to launch its own smartphone trade-in program, which will give you between $50 and $300 when you hand over your old device and sign into a new plan.

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Apple Confirms iPhone Trade-In Program Available Nationwide Today

iPhone 5 Apple Store

Apple has confirmed to CNBC that a new iPhone trade-in program will be available in Apple Stores across the United States today — less than two weeks before the Cupertino company is set to announce the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Customers will be able to exchange their old Apple smartphone for a gift card, which can then be redeemed against a new device with a new two-year contract.

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AT&T Vacation Blackout Also Points To iPhone 5S, 5C Launch On September 20th

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Yesterday it was revealed that T-Mobile isn’t letting its employees take vacation time on the weekend of September 20th. Vacation blackouts are usually how carriers get ready for a big iPhone launch, so it should come as no surprise that AT&T has reportedly done the same for the latter half of next month.

BGR says that AT&T won’t “be launching any other high-profile devices” during that time, so the blackout points to new iPhones. Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at a September 10th event. Judging off past years, preorders will likely happen the weekend of the 13th, with in-store availability kicking off on Friday the 20th.

Now is an excellent time to sell your old iPhone with a service like Gazelle. Best Buy also has a nice trade-in deal going on this weekend.

Apple Tops List Of Companies Targeted Most By Patent Trolls


Apple is no stranger to lawsuits and with all the cash its been making the past few years, the lawsuits from patent trolls have been piling up. According to a new study on lawsuits from non practicing entities (patent trolls), Apple got slammed with more patent lawsuits (171 total) in the last five years than any other company.

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