New Terminator trailer brings big twist to familiar franchise


We've never seen a robot like this. Photo: Paramount Pictures
We've never seen a robot like this. Photo: Paramount Pictures

The crazy machines are at it again, only this time it’s not what we’ve come to expect from the long-running Terminator franchise, now coming to theaters in July as Terminator: Genisys

In the first film, Arnold Schwarzenegger played the original bad-ass invincible robot from the future out to kill Sarah Connor, originally played by Linda Hamilton, and her son John. Subsequent movies with the governator messed with the formula a bit, bringing in the scary liquid metal terminators and placing the original metal skeleton monster into a savior role.

But none of the movies have gone this far in messing with our heads or the plotline.

Spoilers abound; consider yourself warned.

iPad selfies gone wrong: Arnold Schwarzenegger edition



Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love affair with his iPad hasn’t been as well documented as some of his other lusts but Conan the Governor loves his Apple tablet so damn much he takes it everywhere, which makes it the perfect tool for capturing the Austrian Oak’s greatest love – his deteriorating guns.

Here’s Arnold’s iPad selfie from another angle: