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Court Dismisses Apple’s Claim That Amazon’s “Appstore” Is Deceptive


Apple launched a temper-tantrum when Amazon decided to title their marketplace for mobiles app as the “Appstore.” Apple was there first and they started using “The App Store” way before anyone else, so they told the United States district court that Amazon is trying to mislead customers.

Not everyone sees things Apple’s way though and the U.S. district court has dismissed Apple’s claims that the Amazon Appstore is false advertising and deceives customers.

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How To Get Your Ideas Into The App Store [Deals]

How To Get Your Ideas Into The App Store [Deals]

Have an idea for a mobile app? Getting it developed and into the App Store is not as hard as you think – and this Cult of Mac Deals offer will help you take all of the steps you’ll need to go from idea to app.

This guide will teach you how to identify key features, how to find development and marketing talent, how to make sure your developers meet timelines and budgets, and all of the other essential requirements for getting your app published on the Apple App Store. And for a limited time it’ll do that for just $29.

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Ending Soon! The Ultimate Xcode For iOS Apps Course [Deals]

Ending Soon! The Ultimate Xcode For iOS Apps Course [Deals]

We’re a few weeks away from the start of a new year, which means the time to adopt new habits is fast approaching. Rather than adopt a new habit, some people learn a new skill – and building apps for the iPhone and iPad is very much in fashion these days. This soon-to-end Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to help you build those apps with the most in-depth and comprehensive Xcode course for complete beginners.

And you can get this course for just $79 — but do it before it’s gone for good!

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Give Your iPhone 5 A Stylish Upgrade With Glow Gels [Deals]

Give Your iPhone 5 A Stylish Upgrade With Glow Gels [Deals]

You’ve got yourself a new iPhone 5 and are looking for something that just won’t show it off – but will show it off with style. You also want to offer it some protection at the same time and have it stand out from the crowd.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then look no further because the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer will leave you and your iPhone 5, well…glowing. We’re offering a limited quantity of Glow Gel Combos to our continental US readers for only $24 – and they won’t last long at that price.

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How To Read Kindle Books In iBooks, And Keep Your Library In The Cloud [How-To]

Pkd dropbox

All your books in one place, DRM free.

I love e-books. I love them so much that I’m considering buying a double-sided, sheet-feed scanner, chopping the spines of all my dead-treeware books and having an OCR frenzy on their asses.

What I don’t like is DRM. Not for any idealistic reasons (well, maybe a few) but for practical ones. My bookseller of choice is Amazon, as it has the best range and Kindle books work on any device. But the Kindle app for the iPad sucks, and with an update this week it is almost unusable. If only I could read my Kindle books in the beautiful iBooks app. Well, it turns out that I can. And what’s more, I can keep all of my books in a DRM-free format in the cloud, ready to be downloaded to any device, whenever I like. Here’s how.

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Due App: The iPad’s Best Reminder And Alarm App Comes To The Mac

Due app mac

Due brings lots of iOS features to the desktop

If you own an iPad and like to get out of bed on time, then you probably own a copy of Due, the super-simple alarm and timer app for iOS. It’s probably the easiest and best designed alarm app around, and now it is available on the Mac.

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Gifture, An Instagram For Animated GIFs


Gifture is like Harry Potter's Instagram

Back from when the internet was too slow for video, we had animated GIFs. Now, in the days of fiber connections and YouTube, we still trade GIFs. Or we would, if we actually knew how to make them.

Enter Gifture, an Instagram-a-like app which makes animated GIFs instead of still photos. It shoots sequences, puts them together and lets you apply filter before sending them off to the web to share.

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Metanota, A Mac Simplenote Client With Folders


Metanota brings folders to your Simplenote notes.

If you want a great Simplenote-compatible, note taking app for your Mac, then you should download the free and excellent Notational Velocity. If you want a harder to use, bigger and — some might say — uglier app to do the same thing, then Metanota is just the thing for you.

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Penultimate Gets Retina Update, Looks Even More Gorgeous


Like a real pen and paper.

Penultimate, one of the two best pen-and-paper apps for the iPad, has gotten a Retina upgrade. This is a pretty big deal, as the feel and look of the ink, plus the responsiveness of the app, are what make it so great. Now, with super-smooth, hi-res graphics, can it keep its crown?

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Screeshot Journal Is Like iPhoto For Your iOS Screenshots

IMG 1705

The world's greatest screenshot

Screenshot Journal was created “with iOS designers and developers in mind,” but it is useful for anyone who takes a lot of screenshots. For instance — and I’ll pick a completely random example here — tech bloggers.

The (universal) app does one thing: gather all the screenshots from your camera roll and organize them for your viewing pleasure.

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