vividHDR, Warbits, and other awesome apps of the week


Have an appy weekend all!
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In a week in which Tim Cook was named the most influential gay man in America, Apple Stores went green in advance of Earth Day and much, much more, app developers continued to do what they do best: to churn out high-quality apps to improve all of our lives.

I’ve chosen four great apps for this week’s app roundup — including a smart calendar app, a truly awesome photography app, and some great new games. Check out our picks below.

Disqus, GarageBand, and other awesome apps of the week


It’s the weekend again, and Cult of Mac is here to bring you all the app awesomeness you might have missed throughout the week.Nokia has its own maps app for iPhone, a hot new photo editor has arrived, Google Calendar gets a sexy iOS app, and more.Without further ado, here are this week’s awesome apps!
What are the week's top apps?
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Is there a better way to spend Sunday than by checking out the latest apps to grace the App Store over the past seven days?

This week I’ve chosen to focus less on games than productivity apps (although there’s a neat Reddit client thrown in for good measure!) From a great custom keyboard to a full-to-bursting update for GarageBand, check out our picks for apps of the week below.

Rebus Zone, Snapchat v2, and other awesome apps of the week


The App Store is a busy place, and it’s easy to miss an awesome new release, much less an update to an old app that makes it worthy of re-downloading.That’s why we’ve done the work for you and collected the very best new app releases from the past week.
Which apps made our list this week?
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It’s another lazy Sunday, which means that it’s time to unwind in your favorite chair with a sampling of the week’s finest apps. And, boy, have we got a fine selection for you!

Whether you’re after Nintendo’s first mobile title; a game which will keep your brain working as it entertains you; or a major update for everyone’s favorite self-destructing messaging app, we’ve combed through the week’s offerings to bring you the essential downloads.

Check out our picks below:

New app keeps you motivated by turning chores into one big game [Reviews]


motivaction - 4
Achi really likes when I'm productive.
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Sometimes no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get the motivation to do anything productive. I can make to-do lists and download productivity apps, but if the drive to complete my tasks isn’t there, I probably won’t get much done. A new app called MotivAction recognizes the real problem of lacking motivation and offers some guidance by combining a to-do app and motivational game in one.

U.S. iPhone owners are cheapskates when it comes to apps


Find more of what you like in new Instagram video section.
Find more of what you like in new Instagram video section.
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If you want to strike it rich on the App Store, here’s a hint: make a game.

Americans who own an iPhone spent an average of $35 on apps and in-app purchases last year, only instead of forking over cash for productivity or education apps, the majority of that money goes to gaming.