Apple faces class action lawsuit over AppleCare+ refurbs


Crack! This one's got to go back to Apple.
Crack! Apple's replacement program is facing a lawsuit.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple was hit with a new class action lawsuit today in California by customers who have purchased the company’s AppleCare and AppleCare+ plans to cover damages on iPhones and iPads.

At the heart of the lawsuit is Apple’s long-held policy to replace broken devices with units that the company claims are good as new in performance and reliability, even though they’re second-hand refurbished models.

The cheap ways to protect your tech without AppleCare, this week on The CultCast

It's gonna break... we'll tell you how to protect your tech on the cheap.
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This week on The CultCast: The best ways to get your gadgets the protection you want, but without those high AppleCare prices! Plus: The iPhone 7 might pack more storage than you expected; taking over Tidal could mean CD-quality streaming is coming to Apple Music; hands on with the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra betas; “the Fappening” hacker heads to the slammer; and this year’s iPhone Photography Award winners prove your iPhone is all your need to create captivating images.

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Apple boosts price of AppleCare+, slashes iCloud storage fees


Buying AppleCare+ for iPhone just got more expensive.
Buying AppleCare+ for iPhone just got more expensive.
Photo: Apple

Adding AppleCare+ coverage to your iPhone 6s is going to cost you a little more extra this year. Apple didn’t announce any pricing changes on stage at yesterday’s event, but the company did update its website to reflect the higher prices, and not only will iPhone 6s owners have to pay more to buy AppleCare+, they’ll also be charged more for service fees.

‘Businessman’ who made $43,000 scamming Apple jailed

Defraud Apple, go to Egypt.
Defraud Apple, go to Egypt.
Photo: Edward Hornsey/Facebook

Edward Hornsey has had an impressively long relationship with Apple’s customer service department. The 24 year-old has returned 51 iPhones in the past year, and Apple has replaced them with brand-new units.

The only problem is that none of those phones were his, and he’s now in jail for fraud.