Apple expands same-day delivery to NYC


Your new Apple product can show up in as little as two hours.
Photo: Simone Lovati/Flickr CC

You’re just so excited for your new Apple TV that you can’t wait until tomorrow to get it, can you? That’s why Apple has teamed up with Postmates to bring same-day delivery of its wide range of products and accessories to a new market: New York City.

Tim Cook calls racist Apple Store incident ‘unacceptable’


Tim Cook doesn't like the idea of a MaciPad.
Tim Cook doesn't like the idea of a MaciPad.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Tim Cook has weighed in on the Apple Store accused of racially discriminating against six black students who were barred from the store because security felt that they might steal something.

In an email sent to all Apple employees this morning the CEO called the situation ‘unacceptable.’ Cook said he thinks the Highpoint store issue was an isolated incident, but notified employees that leadership teams will be ‘refreshing their training on inclusion and customer engagement,’ starting with Australia.

Read Cook’s full email below: