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Green Is The New White For Apple On Earth Day [Gallery]


Under the watchful eye of Tim Cook Apple’s gone from the most powerful tech company in the world to the most green. Yesterday’s new ad shone the spotlight on Apple’s environmental practices but the true celebrations of going green kicked off today for Earth Day.

Select Apple Stores around the world sprouted green leafed logos to go with new Earth Day shirts and lanyards for Specialists and Geniuses, but rather than driving all the way to your local store we’ve gathered shots of Apple Stores near and far celebrating Apple’s pledge to leave the world better than they found it.

Take a look:

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Apple Store Logos Go Green For Earth Day

Apple's Nanjing East Retail Store in Shanghai celebrates Earth Day (Credit: Znnina)

Apple’s Nanjing East Retail Store in Shanghai celebrates Earth Day (Credit: Znnina)

To celebrate the fact that April 22 is Earth Day, Apple has updated its logo to include a green leaf, as seen in the above picture of Apple’s giant Nanjing East retail store in Shanghai.

2014 is the first time in eight years that Apple has celebrated Earth Day. In addition to the revised logo, Apple will also give employes at selected stores special Earth Day shirts to wear. A special event is additionally planned to take place in Cupertino.

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Photos Show Striking Glass Design For Turkey’s First Apple Store


Some photos have leaked showing Apple’s first Turkish physical retail store days before it opens.

The images were posted to Instagram by user orbaygumus, and depict a large cuboid glass structure, similar to the glass installations at Apple Stores in New York and Shanghai. All that is currently missing is a giant Apple logo.

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Watch The Apple Store Take Over The Planet In This Cool Animated Map

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 5.51.49 PM

Considering their nearly ubiquitous status in retail cuture, it’s easy to forget that the Apple Store is a relatively new creation. Although Apple brought in over $7 billion in revenue last quarter across 400 physical locations, the first one was opened in just 2001… but ever since then, the Apple Store has spread like wildfire across the planet.

Here’s a great reminder of how far Apple has come, courtesy of Business Insider. Watch this animated map showing Apple Stores’ openings internationally. Check out how far the greatest retail success story since Wal-Mart has come!

World’s First Apple Reseller Is Closing Down [Video]

(Credit: (Pioneer Press / John Doman)

(Credit: (Pioneer Press / John Doman)

Employees at the Minneapolis-based FirstTech store — the world’s first Apple reseller — learned on Wednesday that the store will be closing down at the end of March, after 73 years in business.

“I had no idea it would happen this soon,” onetime FirstTech worker Tom Schmidt tweeted. “But I honestly thought it was inevitable.”

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Apple Retail Store Webpages Get An iOS 7 Makeover


Apple has updated the retail section of its website with a new look more closely resembling the design aesthetic of iOS 7.

As can be seen from the comparison above, where previously the page featured content boxes, borders, and gradients, the new version of the page employs plenty of whitespace and a thinner typeface.

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New Apple Store Planned For Lansing, Michigan


Apple is reportedly planning to open a new Apple Store in Eastwood Towne Center, in Lansing Township, Michigan, according to new documents.

A contractor working for Apple recently filed an application with town officials to begin work on an almost 6,000-square-foot retail store at a shopping center at 3025 Preyde Boulevard.

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Fake Apple Store Employee Confesses Apple Invented Polio And Syphilis [Humor]


Tyler Fisher is not an Apple employee. In fact, I’m pretty sure the guy doesn’t know the difference between an iPad and an iPod Shuffle, but that didn’t stop him from dressing up as an Apple Specialist, going to work at his local Apple Store, and recording the entire prank as he sprayed customers with misinformation on everything from iPhones having retina scanners, to MacBooks with so much cloud it melted into a puddle that’s perfect for storing your naughty pics.

Not only did Tyler educate Apple Store customers to the “fact” that polio, lyme disease, and syphilis were invented by Apple thanks to the chemical mishmash that goes into MacBooks, but he also offered customers a 75% discount if they knew someone that had the diseases – an apology on Apple’s behalf.

Check out the reactions in the video below:

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Apple’s Valentine’s Ad Suggests The Path To True Love Is A New iPad


With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year all now firmly in our rear-view mirrors, Apple is focusing on the next big sales holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day.

Describing the iPad Air and iPad mini as “two ways to your valentine’s heart”, Apple has posted a new ad campaign on the main page of its online store — advising that users take advantage of Apple’s free custom engraving to “include a few love letters on any iPad”.

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Apple Retail Stores Celebrate The Mac’s 30th Birthday

For the 30th Anniversary of the Mac, it’s not just Cupertino that is getting in on the celebration: Apple retail stores have also been marking the occasion with a special 30th anniversay window display, commemorative black t-shirts, and even special name badges for the employees.

Check out some pictures of the t-shirt and name badges below.

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