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Apple Store app updated with support for Apple Pay

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 1.54.10 PM

Screenshots: Apple

The first iOS app to receive Apple Pay integration is of course one of Apple’s very own. The official Apple Store app has been updated with “easy one-touch checkout with Apple Pay” on Touch ID-equipped iOS devices.

Using Apple Pay requires iOS 8.1 and a credit or debit card on file in Passbook. While NFC in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is required for making Apple Pay transactions at physical stores, online payments only require Touch ID. That means you can use Apple Pay through apps on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3.

Several other apps should be updated with Apple Pay support any minute now, including Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Groupon, Instacart, OpenTable,, Panera Bread, Target, and the Disney Store app.

We’ll be back: Apple Store goes down prior to today’s event

Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac.

Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac.

Right on cue, the Apple Online Store has gone down hours ahead of today’s special event. When it returns later today, we expect to see new iPads, new Macs, and maybe even a new Apple TV.

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Turkey is set to get its second Apple Store

Photo: Apple Toolbox

Photo: Apple Toolbox

Having welcomed its first Apple Store back in April, it seems that Turkey’s second brick-and-mortar Apple retail outfit is just about ready for primetime.

Whereas the first store was opened on the European side of Istanbul, in the upmarket Zorlu Shopping Center, the second store will be on the city’s Asian side, in the Akaysa Shopping center.

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Amazon to take on Big Apple with brick-and-mortar retail store

Photo: Flickr

Jeff Bezos is moving into brick-and-mortar retail. Photo: Flickr

First of all Microsoft announces plans for a flagship Fifth Avenue Store to compete with Apple’s iconic glass cube, and now Amazon apparently wants to get in on the brick-and-mortar game, too.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon plans to open its first physical retail store in time for Christmas on Manhattan’s 34th Street.

While that might seem counter-intuitive for a company which essentially dealt the death knell to many brick-and-mortar stores, it’s designed to be an extension of the online experience — offering customers the ability to pick up orders placed online, or return and exchange products.

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Microsoft copies Apple with Fifth Avenue flagship retail store

Photo: Apple

Photo: Apple

Microsoft has copied (or “been inspired by”) many, many Apple innovations over the years, and now it’s set to copy the location of its most famous Apple Store of all.

That’s right: the Windows maker is set to open up shop with a retail store just blocks from Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue glass cube. The new “flagship” Microsoft Store will move into a location previously occupied by Fendi.

“This is a goal we’ve had since day one — we were only waiting for the right location,” Microsoft’s corporate vice president for retail stores said in a statement. “And now we have it.”

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People are bending iPhone 6 Plus display units in Apple Stores

Bending an iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple Store is a stupid idea. Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Bending an iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple Store is a stupid idea. Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple insists “bendgate” isn’t an issue after receiving just 9 complaints about bent iPhones as of last week, and the vast majority seem to agree. But will the Cupertino company think differently when it discovers that people are walking into its retail stores and bending the iPhone 6 Plus units it has on display?

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Plans for giant San Francisco Apple Store hit tulip trees roadblock

Forget about Google -- is Apple set to go "thermonuclear war" on tulip trees? Photo: torbakhopper HE DEAD/Flickr

Forget about Google — is Apple set to go “thermonuclear war” on tulip trees? Photo: torbakhopper HE DEAD/Flickr

A massive new Apple Store planned for downtown San Francisco is being held up by… tulip trees?

The site in question overlooks Union Square, with Apple planning to demolish a large existing building and replace it with a giant, two-storey glass structure reminiscent of the iconic New York Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. However, in order for work to commence on the building Apple needs to bring in the right equipment, which necessitates the removal of seven tulip trees currently blocking the path.

Trouble is, things aren’t as straightforward as they might seem.

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Video shows former NBA player’s Apple Store thefts and court appearance

Former NBA player Rex Chapman has been charged with stealing $14,000 worth of goods from his local Apple Store.

Former NBA player Rex Chapman has been charged with stealing $14,000 worth of goods from his local Apple Store. Photo: Movdive

Late last week, former NBA player Rex Chapman was arrested by police in Scottsdale, Arizona, after being charged with theft and trafficking in stolen property as a result of stealing over $14,000 worth of equipment from his local Apple Store over the course of nine visits between May and early August.

As can be seen from the below security footage, Chapman picked up various items from the store, pretended to pay for them using Apple’s EasyPay app, before popping the goods into an Apple carrier bag, at which point he headed off to a local pawnshop to sell them:

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Workers protest outside Apple Stores on iPhone 6 launch day

Protestors blocked the door

Protestors blocking the door of Apple’s flagship San Francisco retail store earlier this year. Picture: Julia Carrie Wong

In addition to the long lines of iPhone 6 customers, Apple Stores across the United States are going to see another group of people gathering today: protesting security workers.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is planning to stage protests at more than 20 different Apple Store in the U.S., pushing Apple to provide full-time work benefits for for its security officers.

“We are asking tech companies like Apple to support good jobs for workers who contribute to their success,” SEIU spokesman Alfredo Fletes told SFGate.

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Crazy lines for the iPhone 6 get bigger than big

Photo: Rachel Retallick

You call that a line? Photo: Rachel Retallick

Sure, folks have been lining up for several days now, causing equal parts consternation and praise, but with pre-orders selling out in hours – leading to record breaking pre-sales – it’s no wonder that the lines at Apple retail stores around the globe are beginning to super size themselves as well.

Reports of scarce supplies of the iPhone 6 Plus are only adding to the madness and we’re only going to see even crazier lines the countdown nears zero. It can only get more wild from here.

One Apple fan in Arizona told Cult of Mac he wants an iPhone 6 Plus so bad he actually paid a teen for their top spot in line at a local Apple Store. She charged him $80. Half up front as a down payment to hold the spot until 4AM, when he’ll come back and maybe get to buy a gold iPhone 6 Plus.

“Doing an after work drive-by to make sure.” he told us. “They seemed cool, and I grilled them. So, hopefully we are good.”

Other fans aren’t as nearly hopeful, but the lines are just getting crazy around the world. Take a look:

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