Today in Apple history: Apple opens its first three-story retail store


Apple's trendiest store yet?
Photo: Mathieu Thouvenin/Flickr CC

Dec7 December 7, 2007: Apple opens its magisterial store on West 14th Street in New York City. It’s the first three-story Apple retail outlet — and the first to offer free “Pro Labs” classes to customers.

Apple’s biggest store in Manhattan, it is also the second largest in the United States (after the one on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue) — with an entire floor dedicated to services.

Palo Alto Apple store targeted by ‘ram-raider’ thieves


Not the correct place to park your car.
Photo: Apple

The Apple store in Palo Alto, California, suffered a brazen attack when a group of thieves in a rented SUV “ram-raided” the store early Sunday morning.

The burglars drove their vehicle at high speed into the 40-foot glass window at the front of the store, then climbed through the hole it had made. They stole iPhones, Macs and other devices before fleeing.

Today in Apple history: Apple Store celebrates millionth online sale


Turns out that tech fans like buying things online!
Photo: Ste Smith/Maxime Raphael

Dec5 December 5, 2002: Apple announces that it has served its millionth unique customer on the Apple Store online, marking a significant milestone for the company.

It is a benchmark worth celebrating for Apple, which launched its online store just five years earlier.

Apple marks World AIDS Day with new products and donations scheme


Apple Store in Hong Kong show support for World AIDS Day.
Apple stores around the world go red for World AID Day
Photo: Lorraine Ng/Instagram

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, and — as it has for the past decade — Apple is taking a stand as part of the Product (Red) campaign.

To mark the occasion, Apple is turning its logo red in Apple stores around the world, debuting several new products, selling limited edition content in the App Store, and matching customer purchases with donations to help fund the global fight against HIV.