The Apple Watch Sport could debut in gold and rose gold later this year

The iPhone 6s will reportedly launch in rose gold, alongside a similarly colored Apple Watch Sport.
The iPhone 6s will reportedly launch in rose gold, alongside a similarly colored Apple Watch Sport.
Photo: Martin Hajek

A reputable analyst is predicting the Apple Watch Sport will come in yellow and rose gold. And we won’t have to wait for the Apple Watch 2 to get those colors: They’ll be available alongside the iPhone 6s later this year.

Hidden iOS 9 keyboard practically confirms iPad Pro is coming


You can now turn your iPad keyboard into a trackpad.
You can now turn your iPad keyboard into a trackpad.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s giant iPad has been one of the rumor mill’s favorite products to gossip about for years, even though no one has seen so much as a chamfered edge of its supposed 12-inch display. However, some assets hidden inside iOS 9 indicate that the new tablet — often referred to as the “iPad Pro” — could make an appearance soon.

According to a developer who’s been digging through iOS 9, the new keyboard scales to a much larger screen size than we’ve seen so far. When the new keyboard is enlarged, it adds an extra row of keys, hinting that Apple’s monstrous new tablet could rear its head in the near future.

Check it out:

Production of Apple’s giant iPad has been delayed until September


The iPad Pro could delay the iPad Air, cancel the iPad mini.
An iPad Pro concept. MacBook for scale. Photo: CURVED

Apple really is making a giant iPad Pro, according to a new report from Bloomberg, but the Cupertino-based company is running into production issues that have delayed the long-rumored tablet’s release.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, production of the 12.9-inch iPad is now scheduled to start around September, after delays involving the supply of display panels pushed the project back.

Crystal Baller: iPad Pro problems, web-based Apple Maps, and other wild rumors



A new batch of Apple rumors awaits you…

We get slammed 24/7 with new Apple rumors. Some are accurate, most are not. To give you a clue about what’s really coming out of Cupertino in the future, we’re busting out our rumor debunker each week to blow up the nonsense.

The Apple rumor mill is going into hibernation mode over the winter, but that’s not stopping a few juicy bits from leaking out. This week we’ve got rumors of Apple Maps coming to the web, the giant iPad facing production problems, and the first batch of Apple Watch orders.

Step up to our crystal ball and see which rumors are likely to come true in 2015.

iPad Pro problems

The Rumor: The giant 12-inch iPad faces display production issues.

The Verdict: Possibly. This rumor is coming from the Best Apple Analyst in the World (Ming-Chi Kuo), so we’re keen to believe him. If Apple’s really trying to make its iPad Pro as thin as the iPhone 6, there’s bound to be a few problems along the way. We still expect to see it in the first half of 2015.

Apple Maps hits the web

The Rumor: Apple’s working on a web-based version of Apple Maps.

The Verdict: We believe it. Apple job postings hint that it’s working on an update. As bad as the rollout of Apple Maps has a few years ago, the service has gotten considerably better over the last year, and a dedicated web version would help get more people using Apple Maps. Apple launched the Maps Connect tool last month. A web-version must be coming soon.

Apple's moving into LA

The Rumor: Apple is opening a giant new store and office space in LA’s historic district.

The Verdict: Sounds likely, other than the rumor that the store will also have residential spaces. Apple needs a big LA store and the Bring Back Broadway movement just got its biggest attraction.

Location-based security

The Rumor: Location-based security settings could end up in iOS 9.

The Verdict: Please make this happen. Having the ability to set ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ locations that automatically adjust your security settings would be great.

Apple Pay + Alipay ?

The Rumor: Apple is in talks with Alibaba to partner up on the launch of the Apple Pay in China.

The Verdict: Looks like it's almost a done deal. Execs say details have to be worked out, but Alibaba is the hottest company in China right now, so the pairing would be perfect. Alipay support for Apple Pay on day one would be huge in China.

40 million Apple Watches

The Rumor: Apple is planning to make 40 million Apple Watch units.

The Verdict: Too early to tell. Apple Watch isn’t supposed to go on sale until the Spring, but it’s time to start getting units rolling out of the factory. If Apple’s already making 40 million, it must be pretty confident it’s got a new hit product on its wrists.