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Apple says blanket ban on hiring ex-felons isn’t true

Photo: Buster Keaton in The Goat

Photo: Buster Keaton in The Goat

The construction of Apple Campus 2 came under fire earlier this week, after the Mercury Times reported that Apple had a blanket ban on hiring ex-felons. However, Cult of Mac has learned that such a ban never existed.

“We believe in opportunity for everyone, and Apple has never had a blanket ban on hiring people with felony convictions,” an Apple spokesperson told Cult of Mac.

Some ex-felon applicants were turned away within the past seven years, because of a part of the background process. Those restrictions are now being lifted though, as Apple says it’s recognized that “that this may have excluded some people who deserve a second chance.”

Here’s the full statement from Apple:

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Civil rights activist John Lewis visits Tim Cook at Apple HQ


Congressman John Lewis and Tim Cook and Apple HQ. Photo: Apple

Congressman John Lewis paid a visit to Tim Cook at Apple’s Cupertino campus today as part of the civil rights icon’s Northern California tour for his new book.

The Georgia lawmaker played a pivotal role in the bloody Selma march that’s back in the spotlight thanks to the its 50th anniversary and the Oscar-nominated film by the same name. Lewis was a guest speaker at Apple HQ today as part of the company’s celebration for Black History Month, and he met privately with Cook.

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Apple’s spaceship HQ is beaming up a 100-year-old barn

This 98 year old barn will find a second home on Apple Campus 2. Photo: Cupertino Historical Society

This 100-year-old barn will find a second home on Apple Campus 2. Photo: Cupertino Historical Society

Apple’s new spaceship headquarters is poised to be one of the most futuristic corporate buildings in California once it touches down, but to help the campus stay connected to its roots, the company is painstakingly preserving a 100-year-old barn built by pioneers who settled the area.

Visitors at Apple Campus 2 will notice the bright red barn sitting next to the new fitness center as part of Apple’s effort to transform the land surrounding the campus from 80 percent asphalt and concrete, to 80 percent greenery and open space.

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Liveblog: Get fixated on Apple’s new iPads with Cult of Mac

Tim Cook shows off the growing family of Apple products. Photo: Apple

Tim Cook shows off the growing family of Apple products. Photo: Apple

It’s been way too long since Apple showered us with new products like the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch, but Tim Cook and his crew are ready to go in for round two at a town hall keynote today at Apple HQ. New iPads, a Retina iMac and OS X Yosemite are rumored to be on the menu, but will Apple have one more surprise waiting for us?

Apple’s holiday lineup will be revealed in just a few short hours, and we’ll be here liveblogging all the details as the event unfolds. So bookmark this page, and come back at 10 a.m. Pacific for what will most likely be Apple’s last major announcements of 2014.

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Aerial photos show rapid progress on Apple’s spaceship HQ

Walls at Apple HQ begin to take shape. Photo:

Walls at Apple HQ begin to take shape. Photo: Ron Cervi

Apple’s new mothership isn’t expected to touchdown in Cupertino until 2016, but construction on the new campus is starting to hit a rapid pace, as new areal photos reveal the exterior walls are nearing completion as well as the construction of underground tunnels.

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Can You Spot The Hidden Apple HQ In HBO’s Silicon Valley?


HBO’s new comedy Silicon Valley has been the toast of TV the past two weeks with its irreverent satirization of life inside the exorbitant tech startup scene.

Not everyone in the valley is a fan of the show with its Square-toting strippers, amped-up nerd stereotypes and creepy angel investors, but we’ve been mesmerized each week with the main title sequence, which showcases the rise and fall of some Silicon Valley’s most heralded companies.

Apple’s headquarters actually pops up twice — but don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Watch the full sequence below and see if you can spot it:

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Minecraft Replica of Apple’s HQ Will Blow Your Mind [Video]


Apple fanboys dream of getting inside the locked gates of heaven Apple HQ in Cupertino but if you’d rather not brave blitzing past the security guards to see all the toys inside Jony’s design studio, you can now get a complete Minecraft tour of Apple’s cubed campus from your computer.

Over the last two years Michael Steeber has meticulously recreated every detail of Apple’s headquarters this mind blowing Minecraft map. Not only did The Steeb nail the entryway and the major buildings, but you also get a look at the avenues, cafes, basketball & volleyball courts, atrium, parking lots, even the BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse across the street.

Take a full tour of the campus in the video below:

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STFU, Critics! Apple’s Spaceship Campus Is Pure Awesome!


Apple is still moving forward to build its $5 billion, 176-acre campus Cupertino “spaceship” Campus 2 headquarters, expected to open in three years.

Critics have been attacking it since Steve Jobs first proposed it to the Cupertino City Council.

And since that poignant moment, which was Jobs’s last public appearance, the campus project has evolved and changed and, as I write this, the old HP buildings on the property are being demolished.

Here’s what we know about the spaceship campus so far, and also what the critics have been saying. 

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Apple Publishes Report On Spaceship Campus’ Future Economic Impact In Cupertino


Apple just published a report prepared by Keyser Marston Associates that evaluates the “Economic and Fiscal Impacts Generated by Apple in Cupertino –  Current Facilities and Apple Campus 2.”

The report was prepared for the City of Cupertino under the contract of Apple, to evaluate the concerns the city has about Apple’s future Spaceship-like campus. The report states its principal objectives as the following:

  • The on-going economic impact and benefits of Apple to the City of Cupertino;
  • The ongoing economic impacts and benefits to the City of Santa Clara, City of Sunnyvale, and the broader region of Santa Clara County;
  • Apple’s recurring annual fiscal impacts on the City of Cupertino;
  •  The construction-related impacts of Apple Campus 2 on Santa Clara County; and
  •  The construction-related tax and fee revenues to be received by the City of Cupertino and other local public agencies from the construction of Apple Campus 2.”

The full 82-page report can be read after the break -

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Apple Shareholders Reject Two Proposals On Human Rights And Stock Retention


Apple hosted its annual shareholder meeting today at Apple HQ in Cupertino. There were some big rumors yesterday that Tim Cook would announce a stock split during the meeting, but that never actually happened.

At this years shareholder’s meeting, all the board members were re-elected, and Tim Cook got 99.1% of investor approval. There were two proposals put to vote that Apple did not support, but both of those were struck down too.

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