iPad lock defeats ram-raiding thief


The Maclock device securing an iPad to the counter upended the plans of this thief.
The Maclock device securing an iPad to the counter upended the plans of this thief.
Photo: 7 News Melbourne

When it comes to security and tamper-resistant devices, nothing beats the testimonial of a failed burglary attempt caught on camera.

A robber, who recently rammed his truck into an Australian electronics store, hit a snag when he tried to swipe an iPad encased in a double-lock kiosk made by Maclocks. Security camera footage shows him pulling with all his might and then giving up. With time against him, he wound up leaving the store with empty display boxes.

Amazon employee steals $12,500 of iPhones, iPads and other devices


Amazon Prime Crime doesn't pay.
Photo: Torley/Flickr CC

A 21-year-old Amazon employee in India has been arrested for allegedly stealing $12,500 worth of electronics — including numerous Apple devices — while working in the packing department of the company’s warehouse.

Pramod Bhamble placed orders himself, but instead of packing the correct products, he stuffed the container full of the equivalent weight of iPhones, iPads, cameras and high-end watches before mailing the order to his home.

NYPD Tag iPods, Computers at NYU to Halt iCrimes

Used with CC-license. Thanks to FHKE on flickr.
Used with CC-license. Thanks to FHKE on flickr.

In an effort to stop campus gadget and computer thefts, New York police are bringing an ID program to the New York University students.

On Thursday afternoon, police will set up an engraving station in a dorm lobby for students to bring their iPods, cell phones and computers. Operation Identification is part of a city-wide police program to ID valuables that was extended to the campus after an ongoing increase in “iCrimes.”

An infrared pen will mark student gadgets with a serial number that will be housed in an NYPD database, allowing police to access a description, model and owner information, should the device be recovered. After items are tagged, police can view the serial number by shining a light on it.

This isn’t the first iPod ID scheme we’ve seen at a school — one New Hampshire high school recently embarked on the same kind of program — but it is the largest. NYU has nearly 55,000 students.

Once again, it’s debatable whether ID-ing gadgets will prevent swiping or if it would be easier if Apple provided some sort of lock-down system after thefts.

What are the chances of an invisible serial number stopping a quick grab of an iPod in a dorm room at the end of a long night?

Via NYU news