Today in Apple history: Apple ships world’s largest LCD display


The Cinema Display was Apple's first widescreen monitor.
Photo: Apple

Dec29December 29, 1999: Apple starts shipping its at-the-time unfathomably large 22-inch LCD “Cinema Display.”

The biggest LCD computer display available anywhere in 1999, Apple’s all-digital flat panel is a far cry from the bulky cathode ray tube monitor the then-current iMac sported. It is also Apple’s first widescreen display and the first to sport a digital video interface.

The i360: A Flawless Turntable That Will Give Your iMac 360° Views [Deals]



Tired of turning your iMac or Apple Cinema Display just to share things with co-workers or to get a better vantage point when you’re working? This Cult of Mac Deals offer has got your solution.

The Rain Design i360 turntable provides an elegant and dynamic way to turn the iMac, Apple Cinema Display, and Apple Thunderbolt (24“–27”). At the push of a finger, you can share the screen during group discussion and access the back ports easily. And you can get the i360 for only $39.99 courtesy of this special offer from Cult of Mac Deals.

Hook Your Mac Up To Pretty Much Any Display With Kanex’s New Adapters



If you’re on a Mac, you’ve probably noticed that the connectors needed to hook up an external monitor have changed quite a bit in the last couple of years… especially if you’ve got an older Mac and are trying to hook it up to a new monitor.

Kanex to the rescue, who have just released three new adapters to make it easier to hook any Mac you please up to your sexy new display.