Drone vid shows Apple Campus 2’s cool underground auditorium


Apple Campus 2 January 2016 02
Confirmed: Apple Campus 2 will have windows.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield (via YouTube)

A new drone video shows that some of Apple Campus 2’s most impressive features are coming along nicely.

Construction reached the point that builders can start installing windows on both the inside of the giant ring, but that’s not the best thing the camera saw. You can also get a really good look down into Apple’s 1,000-seat, underground auditorium.

Check it out in the video below.

Apple’s spaceship campus is big enough to hold Disneyland


Well, they're both working to build Tomorrowland.
Photo: Disney

Boasting a 100,000-square-foot fitness center, 11,000 parking spaces, 2,000 bike parking spaces, 2.8 million square feet of office space, and a 100,000-square-foot lab thrown in for good measure, Apple’s “spaceship” Campus 2 is pretty darned massive.

Struggling to wrap your head around that? Then consider that it’s big enough to house pretty much the entirety of Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. And we’ve got the (mocked-up) photos to prove it.

Apple’s spaceship campus was designed to promote collaboration


What the finished product will look like.
Apple's new campus is all about cross-pollination between departments.
Photo: Apple

Steve Jobs was a big believer in great ideas coming from serendipitous interactions. So it’s no surprise that this concept was a central part of the design brief for Apple’s forthcoming “Spaceship” campus — one of the last projects Steve was actively involved with at Apple.

In a new (rare) interview with Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing talks about the importance of collaboration, and how Apple’s new 13,000-person campus will help further that goal, despite its massive size.

Apple Campus 2 shows major progress in new drone video


Apple Campus 2 flyover by Above Reno
We're finally seeing some visible progress on the new Apple Campus.
Photo: Above Reno (via YouTube)

Just when we thought we were getting bored with Apple Campus 2 flyover videos, one has arisen that shows how cool this building is going to be.

If you do a YouTube search for Apple’s future headquarters in Cupertino, you can follow its progress from a huge hole in the ground to something that looks like it might, one day, possibly be a building. But YouTube user Above Reno went 250 miles out of its usual domain to capture some impressive, 4K footage over Labor Day weekend that shows that things are coming along now.

Check out the gorgeous video below.

Apple will let visitors drop in for coffee at its ‘spaceship’ campus


Come and hang out with Tim Cook and co.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s forthcoming $5 billion “spaceship” Apple campus may be designed to squeeze in a massive 13,000 employees, or the equivalent of 35 fully-filled Boeing 747s, but don’t worry: it’s got plenty of space for you, too.

According to Apple’s plans for the new headquarters, the Apple 2 campus will include a glass-walled structure for visitors, boasting a 2,386-square-foot cafe, 10,114-square-foot gift shop, and rooftop viewing space, where visitors can gaze out over Apple’s domain while Tim Cook tells you that everything the light touches is his kingdom.