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iMacs Named “Most Desirable” Desktop Brand In U.S.


A new report from analysts Park Associates has placed Apple at the top of the list for most desirable brand in the desktop computer category.

Apple has previously topped the survey for most desired brand in tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, and streaming devices — but this adds one more platform to the list.

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Euro Consumers Heart Apple

Euro Consumers Heart Apple

Used with a CC-license, thanks sheriffmitchell on Flickr.

Apple topped a survey of brands that Europeans are “passionate” about.

Some 10,000 Old Continent dwellers of 15 nations were asked to reveal their passions for online research agency Panelteam.

Consumer electronics all got Euro-folks hearts racing: the top five brands are Apple, Sony, Coca-Cola, Samsung and Adidas. (And this despite the relative high cost of Apple products — compared to US prices — and without the benefit of ad campaigns like “Get a Mac” in most countries.)

German-based sportswear maker Adidas was the only European company in the top five, though regional passion preferences turned up local companies for each country.

iPhone Beats Aston Martin as Top Brand

CC-licensed photo. Thanks to Inju on Flickr.

CC-licensed photo. Thanks to Inju on Flickr.

Maybe James Bond will finally get an iPhone, now that it has driven his iconic Aston Martin out of the top spot of cool brands for the UK market.

The iPhone was neck and neck with the high-end car maker, coming in second last year. After being in the top spot for four years in a row, the Aston is surrounded by Apple electronics.

The top four spots in the annual Cool Brands list are iPhone, then Aston Martin, Apple and the iPod. (Nintendo rounds out the top five. Other car makers like Ferrari and Mini placed 15 and 17 respectively.)

It’s an interesting victory of relatively affordable personal electronics over luxury — in the top 20, Apple also triumphed over Dom Perignon, Rolex and Vivienne Westwood.

Aston Martin, however, hasn’t quite lost its cachet, if the rumors are true that iPod designer Jonathan Ives drives this sleek little number (check out the Bond-related plates) we spotted parked outside Apple’s Rock n’ Roll event.

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Apple Products Earn Top Spots in Social Brands List

Apple Products Earn Top Spots in Social Brands List

The iPhone, the iPod and Apple all made the top ten of a list of 100 brands commanding attention and participation from social communities online.

The iPhone reigns as the number one most social brand of 2008, outscoring parent company Apple, which ranks number three in the list complied by social media marketing company Vitrue. Overall, Apple dominates by also securing iPod at number seven and the Mac legacy brand at number 16.

That gives Apple or Apple products three spots in the top ten and four in the top 20.

The top 20 is ruled by media and entertainment brands including CNN, Disney, Xbox, MTV, Sony, Nintendo, PlayStation, Turner and Fox News.  Full line-up here.

The list was compiled by analyzing online conversations on a variety of social networking, blogging, micro-blogging, photo and video sharing sites. Vitrue then gave them a composite score and ranked brands by it.

Interestingly, the rankings don’t take into consideration social networking bastions like LinkedIn, Myspace and Facebook. The reason? “The Vitrue 100 is measuring companies that are using social technology, not those who are the technology.”

Hmmm. This is the second year Vitrue has done the study, I suspect the line between using technology and being technology will blur. Wonder if the rankings would be super different if they were included…

Photo used under Creative Commons license, thanks to jm3 on Flickr.

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