Apple debuts stylish new ads for Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 7


This man is using his iPhone 7 to photograph a deer in a gas station. Seriously.
Photo: Apple

Apple debuted three new ads over the weekend: two of them for the new iPhone 7, and one for the Apple Watch Series 2.

Highlighting the new waterproofing features of all the devices, along with the low-light camera sensor of the next-gen iPhone, they’re strong, artistic ads — which do the job of explaining to you what Apple’s new smartwatch and handset are capable of, without making it feel like you’re being given the hard sell.

Check them out below.

James Corden is embarrassingly funny in new Apple Music ad


Corden swims with apples. It's, like, a metaphor.
Photo: Apple

Hot off his genuinely hilarious skit with Tim Cook at the start of the recent iPhone 7 media event, James Corden is back alongside Apple executives for a new ad for Apple Music.

Playing himself, Corden pitches various off-the-wall concepts for an Apple Music ad, to more and more bemused reactions from Apple execs Jimmy Iovine, Eddy Cue and Bozoma Saint John.

Check it out below.

Vote different? John McAfee ‘borrows’ from Apple in presidential bid


John McAfee at DefCon 2014.
Here's to the crazy ones...
Photo: NullSession/Flickr CC

Having developed the world’s first commercial antivirus software, John McAfee now wants to clean the malware out of politics — and he’s using one of Apple’s most iconic advertising mantras to do so.

Libertarian presidential candidate McAfee’s new ad encourages American citizens to “Vote Different,” and uses the same verbiage as Apple’s famous “Think Different” ads from 1997. But it features footage of figures like Ron Paul, Aaron Schwartz, Jeffrey Tucker, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk instead of the historical figures in Apple’s ad.

Is it enough to take him into the White House? Check it out below to make up your own mind!

Apple Watch ad blitz shows off subtle superpowers


Apple Watch ad Alice Cooper
This is so weird.
Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch maker has fired off a shotgun blast of new ads for its wearable device. The spots cover just about everything the smartwatch can do other than, you know, telling the time. And they even bring in a bit of star power to do it. Even cooler, all of the action takes place in minimal environments with colorful backgrounds. It’s like those cool iPod ads all over again.

Check them out below.