New Apple Watch ads promote eBay, Uber and sucking face


The worst time for your Apple Watch to bother you, and Apple makes an ad for it.
The worst time for your Apple Watch to bother you, and Apple makes an ad for it.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Although Apple’s still remaining mum on official sales numbers, Cupertino isn’t laying off the Apple Watch marketing as we approach the holiday season. Apple just released five new short ads highlighting Apple Watch’s ability to take advantage of Siri, Apple Music, Apple Pay, notifications, fitness tracking and more.

‘Leaked’ Apple ad envisions a colorful iPhone 6s


The iPhone needs a splash of color.
The iPhone needs a splash of color.
Photo: Tony Knoxville

The iPhone 6s keynote is less than a month away, and while Apple’s not expected to bring any huge design changes to its newest smartphones, the new models could be the most colorful phones out of Cupertino since the iPhone 5c.

Someone has created a fake “leaked” iPhone 6s commercial that envisions what the iPhone 6s would look like if it came in more color options than the iPod Touch. Even though the 30-second spot that supposedly comes straight from an Apple office is definitely not made by Apple, it’s interesting to see what the iPhone would look like if Apple made it as fun as the original iPod ads.

Check it out:

‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign proves humbling for young photographer

This vintage roller skate was one of three photos by photographer Michael Mainenti that were chosen by Apple for the
This vintage roller skate is one of three photos by Michael Mainenti chosen for Apple's "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign.
Photo: Michael Mainenti

Cult of Mac’s Photo Famous series introduces you to the groundbreaking photographers featured in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6” ad campaign.

 Michael Mainenti is in the developmental stages of a photography career, a point when he should be looking at the works of the established masters and saying, “Some day.”

Mainenti is faithful to this time-honored tradition except that some day is already happening. The 25-year-old college student is among the photographers whose work was selected by Apple for a global advertising campaign to show off the improved camera in the iPhone 6.

“It is a humbling feeling to see my work in the same advertising campaign with photographers I followed even before the launch of the ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ ads,” Mainenti told Cult of Mac. “It’s a boost of confidence and motivation to get better.”

Parody ad shows us what ‘Shot on iPhone’ videos really look like


Check out "Shot on iPhone" ads like you've never seen them before. 
Photo: Elite Daily

Apple’s crowdsourced “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign has been described as a “game changer” by Cannes Outdoor Lions jury president Juan Carlos Ortiz, but — let’s face it — most of the videos we shoot daily on our iPhones aren’t the kind of artistic masterpieces Apple chooses to highlight.

With that in mind, Elite Daily has put together a hilarious compilation of “honest” iPhone 6 ads, which are a bit closer to reality for most folks. Check them out below: