Apple’s new ‘Shot on iPhone’ video ads are mesmerizing

Meet the star of Apple's new ad.
Meet the star of Apple's new ad.
Photo: Apple

The long-running ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad campaign by Apple got a big update with eight incredible new videos spots featuring clips from unique locations all across the globe.

Bees, dogs, penguins and even a giant hippo star in the new video ads that were published today. The short clips highlight the iPhone’s video recording features like Slo-Mo and Timelapse while other shots are played in slow-mo. What makes the ads great is the simplicity of each show accompanied by awesome indie jams like “Chocolate (Milk Version)” by Jesse Rose & Trozé.

Watch all 8 videos below:

Siri’s latest shortcoming: public speaking

NPH iPhone 6s ad
Oh, you.
Photo: Apple

A new iPhone 6s ad features actor Neil Patrick Harris, the Internet’s boyfriend, practicing an acceptance speech with digital assistant Siri.

The spot shows off the latest device’s hands-free feature, which lets you activate the helper with voice commands without the phone having to be plugged in. But mostly it’s just a fun little promo.

Check it out below.

9 astonishing Apple ads you probably missed


From sledgehammer-tossing freedom fighters to misunderstood teenagers at Christmas, Apple’s TV commercials have hit us with some truly iconic imagery over the years. But when a company has been around since the 1970s, it’s no great surprise that a select few ads would slip our collective memory.

After scouring through hundreds of big-time commercials and tiny TV spots that promoted Cupertino’s products over the years, here are our picks for the Apple advertisements that time forgot. All of them are worthy of a second look — and almost all of them for the right reasons.