Today in Apple history: Apple loses exclusive rights to ‘app store’ name

The App Store name used to be exclusive to Apple.
Photo: PhotoAtelier/Flickr

July 6July 6, 2011: Amazon wins a landmark verdict against Apple over its proprietary use of the term “App Store” — opening up the possibility of other rival services calling their own app stores by the phrase Apple had helped popularize.

The case highlights just how central the concept of downloadable apps had become to the mobile experience, only three years after Apple launched its iOS App Store.

Hillary emoji let you play the woman card for real

Hillary emojis are ready to slide into your DMs.
Hillary emojis are ready to slide into your DMs.
Photo: Hillarymoji

The battle to win the 2016 presidential election is heading to your iPhone’s keyboard now, thanks to a new iOS app that adds a batch of Hillary Clinton emoji to devices.

Aiming to excite millennial voters, the free Hillarymoji app comes with 20 pictograms of the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate doing everything from dancing in her pantsuit to deleting emails off her BlackBerry.

Apple hits back at Spotify’s ‘public attacks’


Meet Spotify's new nav bar.
Apple isn't happy with Spotify's claims.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple’s legal team has issued a scathing response to Spotify following its “public attacks” earlier this week.

The music streaming service accused Apple of “causing grave harm to Spotify and its customers” after its App Store review team rejected a recent Spotify update for iOS.

App world goes bananas for art app that turns photos into Van Goghs

The Prisma app for iPhone lets you apply the painting style of a famous artist.
The Prisma app for iPhone lets you apply the painting style of a famous artist.
Photo: Prisma

An AI-powered app that turns any boring photo into an art masterpiece is taking the app world by storm.

Prisma is an iOS app that not only transforms an ordinary photo into a painting, it does so in the styles of different famous artists, from Van Gogh and Picasso to Edvard Munch of “The Scream” fame.

Developed in Russia, the app is taking off like a rocket, doubling its servers, topping the charts and inspiring the #Prisma hashtag. It even counts the Russian President among its enthusiastic users.

Spotify accuses Apple of blocking app update


Rap Genius is partnering with Spotify.
Apple is making it harder for Spotify to compete on iOS.
Photo: Spotify

Apple is allegedly stopping Spotify from competing with Apple Music by blocking the streaming service’s latest iOS app update from the App Store.

Spotify sent Apple’s general counsel Bruce Sewell a letter this week claiming that Cupertino is inflicting great harm on its streaming music competitor (and Spotify’s customers) by not allowing Spotify to use its own billing system for subscriptions.