Apple Releases iPhoto Update With New Photo Stream Features




Apple just released a new software update for its popular iPhoto app today. iPhoto 9.4.3  contains bug fixes, along with some new features for Photo Stream, like the ability to delete photos by dragging to Trash, and exporting Photo Stream photos through the File Menu.

There was another update released for Aperture as well. The Aperture 3.4.4 update also has some improved Photo Stream features, along with several bug fixes.


Here are the full notes for both iPhoto and Aperture:

Use Your Own iPhoto Or Aperture Images As Desktop Pictures In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


My son got a hold of the iPad
My son got a hold of the iPad

Desktop pictures, or wallpaper, are one way to make your Mac truly your own. Choosing from one of the beautifully rendered images that are provided along with OS X is one way to be sure to impress any passers-by, as well and give you something beautiful to look at as you go about your daily Mac business.

Now, however, Mountain Lion lets you easily use any of your own images from iPhoto (or Aperture) as a Desktop Picture, right within the Desktop & Screensaver preference pane. Here’s how.

The Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.01 . Finally



It used to be that Mac owners had to wait for an OS update to get RAW support for their new cameras. This — of course — meant a long wait. Now they pop out whenever they're needed, and you don't even have to restart your Mac.

It's like we're living in the future and, with Marty McFly arriving on his hover-board in just three years from now, that's exactly how it should be.


Fix Shared Photo Stream Comment Sync Issues [iOS Tips]


shared Photo Streams

Shared Photo Streams are fantastic, of course, barring the niggling detail that only the person who creates them can add photos to them. Sometimes, though, as with all tech, things don’t necessarily work the way they should. For example, sometimes you won’t be able to see comments that have been posted by subscribers. Other times, deleting a comment from a shared Photo Stream via iPhoto or Aperture won’t be reflected on your iPhone.

Here’s how to fix that.