Change The Speed Of Animations In Mission Control [Video How-To]



OS X is sometimes known for its visual flair and neatly implemented animations. If you’d rather just get down to business and lose the visuals of OS X though, there’s a neat Terminal trick that will let you either speed up, slow down, or lose the animations in Mission Control all together. This little tip can make work in Mission Control feel faster and help especially  on slower systems. In this video, I’ll show you how to accomplish this. Public Beta Gains Presentation and Publishing Enhancements



Apple has released an announcement, via e-mail, that enhancements to Apple’s public beta online service for iWork ’09 users have been released.

This announcement came out of the blue regarding a service that has definitely been off the radar for a long time and in beta for longer than I can remember. It’s future isn’t clear considering the pace at which Apple is deploying features on it. Perhaps that will change this year with the rumored release of iWork ’11.