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Video shows how Disney animators recycled footage from older films

Will the real Baloo please stand up? Photo: Movie Munchies

Will the real Baloo please stand up? Photo: Movie Munchies

Drawing an entire new movie by hand is a long, hard, tedious process, but the animators at Disney have a hidden trick up their sleeves: they recycle footage from older animated films into new ones.

In a new video showing how Disney’s team of animators remixed old animations for newer films, the team at Movie Munchies have mashed up some of Disney’s most classic movies. Did you know Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast have the exact same dance scenes? Or that animators drew over scenes from Snow White  to create footage for Robin Hood, all with the same characters and movements.

Watch the video below to have your childhood ruined:

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This beautiful animated logo would look great on the Apple Watch

Photo: Gifyoda

Wouldn’t this look great as the Apple Watch’s bootup animation? Photo: Gifyoda

When the Apple Watch is released next year, it’s going to represent a major paradigm shift for iOS: it’ll be an interface made up of fingertip-sized bubbles, not rounded square icons.

Don’t you think that calls for a new logo to mark the occasion?

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3DS Max Tutorial: Animation And Modeling Has Never Been So Easy [Deals]


Animation and modeling are very tough to learn on your own, so this Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to make the process that much easier.

With The 3DS Max Tutorial, animation and modeling have neever been easier. Designed for the beginner, you do not have to have any prior experience using 3DS Max to get the most out of these video animation or modeling tutorials. You will learn about materials and mapping, lighting, and how to operate cameras within 3DS Max. Finally, you will learn to animate, render and add special F/X to your models. And you’ll get the whole course for just $39 – a savings of 60%!

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Motion Artist: Make Your Own Interactive Comics Simply And Easily [Deals]


All you comic lovers and designers out there…get ready. Cult of Mac Deals has some software on sale that takes your designs, characters and stories and puts them in motion to create the story you have been visualizing.

We all love having plenty of space to work and learning time-saving cool techniques. With Motion Artist you can layout comic panels and image layers in any way possible using a large, user-friendly workspace and with its dynamic camera action automatically creates a cinematic experience. And Cult of Mac Deals has this killer application for 66% off – just $19.99 – during this limited time offer.

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CrazyTalk7 Pro: Addictive Facial Animation At Your Fingertips [Deals]


We know making your dog talk with your own voice is entertaining and will get everyone laughing hysterically. With CrazyTalk 7 Pro you can take pets, sketch drawings, baby photos or inanimate objects to create fun and interesting videos in minutes.

And Cult of Mac Deals has CrazyTalk7 Pro available for only $79.95 during this limited time offer – a savings of 46%!

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Check Out This Animated Re-Imagining Of The iPhone Introduction [Video]

Check Out This Animated Re-Imagining Of The iPhone Introduction [Video]

With yesterday being Steve Jobs’ birthday, Apple fans chose to mark the occasion in different ways. Marketing agency Easy Explain Video celebrated the life of Apple’s late CEO by creating an animated version of Jobs’ iconic iPhone introduction at the 2007 Macworld San Francisco.

Speaking with Cult of Mac, Easy Explain Video emphasized the enormous impact Apple has had on creatives.

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Boinx iStopMotion Now Supports Canon DSLR Live View And Animated GIFs



Among a long list of cool new features added to Boinx’s iStopMotion for Mac, two stand out. The first is that you can hook up a Canon DSLR and see it’s live-view output right in the app. But the second is the one you’ll really be interested in: iStopMotion now outputs animated GIFs.

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Kinemac: The Gateway To Creating 3D Animation On The Mac [Deals]

CoM - kinemac_mainframe_630x473

Some of the best viral videos I’ve seen either primarily feature digital animation or use it in some form or another. It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in moviemaking (although what the Mac offered in that space is what drew me away from Windows initially) but I’ve noticed how the tools are helping good movies become even greater. Sure, story comes first – but if you have the know-how and the right tools in your arsenal, you can really take your film to the next level.

The Mac comes armed with a great tool already in iMovie, but that doesn’t really cover the animation front all too well. Something like Kinemac is what you’l need for that – and Cult of Mac Deals has it available for a limited time for only $49.99.

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New Disney iPad App Offers A Colossal Treasure Chest Of Disney Animation


Every scene of every Walt Disney Animation Studios feature ever made.

Just like the Disney theme parks, the new Disney Animation iPad app is saddled with a heavy price for admission—but reveals a vast trove of wonder once inside.

For $14, the app makes an immense amount of material available—almost two gigs worth—from Disney’s digitally and traditionally animated titles.

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Animate The Inanimate With CrazyTalk 7 Pro [Deals]

CoM - CT7 Pro

If you’re a hobbyist who wants to get really creative with your animation or are a budding animator who wants to make waves with your work online, then this award-winning piece of software might give you the upper hand in either case. And by “award-winning,” I mean that this app won Macworld/iWorld 2013 Best of Show. Having spent time on the exhibit floor at Moscone during that event, I saw a ton of great apps so (while I haven’t tested this app out) winning that award gives it some serious credibility.

CrazyTalk 7 Pro is the app I’m referring to–and Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $99 for a very limited time.

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