Google is developing a new operating system for everything


Google's new operating system takes its name from colors.
Google's new operating system takes its name from colors.
Photo: Google

A brand new operating system with a colorful name is currently under development at Google, according to a new project page found on GitHub.

Google hasn’t officially acknowledged that it’s working on the project, but the new operating system could possibly replace Chrome OS and Android by being able to run on pretty much everything.

Should Apple bring iMessage to Android? [Friday Night Fights]


Who wouldn't want to see this?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

iMessage is the only major messaging service that’s exclusive to one platform. According to Tim Cook, that’s because iMessage helps sell Apple devices — but does anyone actually buy an iPhone for iMessage alone?

Friday Night Fights bugWould it really hurt Apple if its popular messaging service went cross-platform? Lots of iPhone and iPad owners also use Android devices, and bringing the service to Google’s platform would provide them with a more seamless messaging experience.

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight as we throw virtual hands over whether Apple should bring iMessage to Android.