Foursquare wants to be the Uber of food and booze


Foursquare and want to liquor you up.
Photo: Nan Palmero/Flickr CC

It’s not often we hear any major new features coming to Foursquare lately, but the service just announced something pretty huge. It has partnered with to allow users to order food, groceries and even liquor right from the app to get sent straight to their homes.

Google wants its Nexus phones to be more like the iPhone



Google’s flagship Nexus 6P delivered significant design improvements last year, putting its hardware on par with the best devices from rival manufacturers. But Google wants the Nexus lineup to be even more like the iPhone.

To make that happen, the company will reduce its reliance on third-party manufacturing partners like Huawei and LG and assume greater control over Nexus hardware, according to one report.

Samsung is bringing all its best apps to iOS


Samsung apps are coming to iOS.
Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CC

Samsung and Apple have been bitter smartphone rivals for nearly a decade now, but it appears that Samsung may be ready to finally embrace iOS.

Some of Samsung’s best apps (if not all) are coming to iOS soon, according to a new report that claims the Galaxy-maker plans to pull a Microsoft and bring its apps to Apple’s platform as part of its effort to increase adoption of its connected devices.