Google Now Comes To Desktop In Latest Chrome Alpha



We’ve been waiting for Google to bring Google Now to the desktop via Chrome for over a year now, and today the feature finally appeared in a new alpha version of the browser, called Chrome Canary.

Now is baked into Chrome’s new notification center, and functions just like its Android counterpart, providing users with real-time weather updates, sports scores, and travel information. Not all of its Cards are available on the desktop yet, but we expect that to change by the time it is ready for its public release.

EA’s Origin Comes To Mac As Open Alpha, Brings Free Copy Of Bookworm



EA’s Origin platform is finally making its way to the Mac, starting with an open alpha release that’s available to download from today. Although it’s open to the public, only “a few thousand users” in North America and the United Kingdom will gain access to it, according to EA — those who get in will be gifted a free copy of Bookworm, a popular word-puzzle game from PopCap.

AppNet Rhino Is’s First Native iOS Client


Like Twitter, only less of a control-freak.



Rhino has become the first native iOS client for available in the App Store., you may remember, is a Twitter-like platform whose social networking service – Alpha – costs users $50 to join. Up until now, users have had to struggle along with a web view, or get invited to one of the many beta (and alpha!) programs for new apps.