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This Terribly Wonderful iPhone Alarm Clock Wakes You Up To The Smell of Bacon

Those devils at Oscar Mayer have found a way to wake you up in the morning and torment you at the same time. They have created an iPhone alarm clock that plays sounds of bacon sizzling and emits the associated smell of deliciousness.

You got hungry by just reading that didn’t you.

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Mr T Pities The Fool Who Doesn’t Buy His App [Review]

I ain't releasin' no app! Oh, wait.

I ain’t releasin’ no app! Oh, wait.

Mr T is now 60. Let me repeat that for you, fellow children of the 1970s and 1980s: Mr T is 60 years old.

He could have left all that “I pity the fool” and “I ain’t getting on no plane” stuff behind him many, many years ago. But why let a good catchphrase go to waste? Especially when there’s a whole App Store’s worth of money to made from it.

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The Alarm Clock Is The iPhone’s Real Killer App

The Alarm Clock Is The iPhone’s Real Killer App

Forget the laptop or the BlackBerry… the device the iPhone most often replaces is the alarm clock on your nightstand.

U.K. carrier O2 decided to survey its users to determine which devices iPhones or other smartphones commonly replace in the lives of its customers. The most commonly replaced device turned out to be one of the more low-tech devices in daily life – the alarm clock.

54% of O2’s iPhone and smartphone customers have relegated their alarm clocks to the dustbin of history.

The second most commonly replaced device was also a time-keeping device: the watch.

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Toaster-Like Day Maker iPhone Alarm Clock Now On Kickstarter


Wake up!

Does the name of the day contain the letter “y”? Then it must be time for a new Kickstarter project. This time we bring you the Day Maker, a rather ingenious toaster-like alarm clock which pops up your iPhone when it’s time to get your lazy ass out of bed in the morning.

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For A Good Time, Put Clock Pro HD On Your iPad [iOS Tips]

For A Good Time, Put Clock Pro HD On Your iPad [iOS Tips]

UPDATE: OK, OK, I get it. I was thinking of the iPhone Stock app. It happens! Still, it’s a nice clock app for the iPad, right? I also promise to double check what I already “know” in my head in the future. Thanks for the funny comments!

It’s funny how Apple put a stock app on my iPad, but not a calculator or a clock. Seems to me that far more people could use a calculator or clock than could use the stock app, but maybe I’m not the typical iPad buyer. Perhaps anyone (besides me) who can afford an iPad is a player in the stock market, so that just makes more sense to include it.

If you are more like me, though, you might want more typical apps like a calculator, which we suggested in a past tip, or a clock, which we will suggest in this tip.

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