Enter for a chance to globetrot with travel guru Tim Ferriss and a bagful of top tech goodies [Deals]

Enter for a chance to win a trip around the globe, a conversation with travel expert Tim Ferriss, and seven of the top gadgets for travel.
Enter for a chance to win a trip around the globe, a conversation with travel expert Tim Ferriss, and seven of the top gadgets for travel.
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There’s traveling and then there’s traveling smart, and few are smarter about travel than Tim Ferriss. Star of The Tim Ferriss Experiment is and author of #1 New York Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek, he’s made a living out of helping people travel better and more effectively. The Round-the-World Giveaway gives you a chance to hang out with Ferriss and travel the globe with a big bag full of world-class gadgets. It’s a package worth thousands of dollars, but here’s the clincher: entry is totally free.

American Airlines Drops Flight Manuals For iPads



American Airlines has now ditched heavy flight manuals and become the first major commercial carrier to introduce iPads to all of its cockpits in a move that is expected to save more than $1 million in fuel costs every year.

The company first began piloting (get it?) the scheme back in April, when it used Apple’s device alongside traditional paper manuals, which typically weigh around 35 pounds. Now those manuals have been phased out completely in favor of digital versions.

Airline Asks: “Why Have A Lame In-Flight Entertainment System When You Can Give Flyers iPads?”

Next time you fly out of Singapore, you might be handed an iPad as you board.

The friendly skies have been cozying up to the iPad for awhile now. First, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration allowed pilots to replace hundreds of pounds of flight manuals and log books for Apple’s tablet, and now a new airline is promising to save fuel, increase profits and make their customers happier by phasing out the in-flight entertainment system in favor of a fleet of iPads.

F.A.A. Taking “Fresh Look” At Passenger iPad, Device Use During Takeoff/Landing


iPad ban during takeoff/landing being reconsidered
iPad ban during takeoff/landing being reconsidered

Anyone who’s ever flown is familiar with the “please turn off all electronic devices” speech that flight attendants give after closing the airplane door and again shortly before landing. The ban on electronic devices of all kinds exists out of fear that devices might interfere with the planes navigation and other systems, even if the device doesn’t include any sort of radio antenna.

The ban on electronic devices has come under fire recently as the F.A.A. has been certifying the use of iPads in the cockpit during all phases of flight (including takeoff and landing) by various commercial airlines as a replacement for hefty “flight bags” of paper manuals and charts.

In a move that will music to the ears of Words With Friends addict Alec Baldwin, the agency is looking at allowing the use of electronic devices by passengers during takeoff and landing