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Twitter is about to get a lot more annoying: Video ads are coming to your stream

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.10.12 AM

Hey guys, guess what? Twitter’s about to get a hell of a lot more annoying. Video ads in your stream are entering beta!

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Apple Posts Behind The Scenes Look At The Making Of 1-24-14 Super Bowl Ad


After Apple’s Super Bowl ad — which we summarily declared to be so good that it won the Super Bowl without even trying — Apple has posted a behind-the-scenes video to its YouTube channel, showing how the ad was shot.

And how was it shot? On January 24th, Apple directed 15 camera crews across 10 countries armed with several iPhone 5s’s, who were all in communication with one another over FaceTime to stay in sync.

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Nokia’s New Lumia Ad Says The iPhone 5 Sucks Because It Isn’t Colorful [Video]

You know, I really like this Nokia ad mocking iPhone users over their lack of color choices.

Featuring a joyless, shifting line moving slowly forward to consume the monochrome iPhone 5, it shows a gray world thrown into anarchy when one customer dares to ask about their color choices. Then, when that customer steps out of line, he sees a number of bright, vibrant, colorful people wandering around, uniquely bopping and having fun. They are all carrying Lumias.

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New Apple Genius Ads May Annoy Us, But Are Indicative Of New Target Demographic

New Apple Genius Ads May Annoy Us, But Are Indicative Of New Target Demographic

This image needs no caption.

It’s fairly easy as a longtime Apple fan to dismiss the recently aired “Genius” ads as nothing more than a misstep in a rather stellar marketing history by the, well, geniuses in Cupertino. However, a new study by Brandindex Buzz shows a shift in the demographic trends for the Apple brand, which may go to explain the goofy ads as more specifically targeted advertising.

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Apple Airs New ‘iCloud Harmony’ TV Ad [Video]

Apple has aired a new commercial for the iPhone 4S. Simply called “iCloud Harmony,” the 30-second TV spot highlights iCloud’s ability to sync your media and apps between devices. “Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud.

Watch Every iPhone TV Ad Ever Right Here [Video Gallery]

Apple’s reputation for having the best advertisements out of all technology companies on the planet is well deserved. Not only are their ads phenomenal in quality, but they’ve made a certified crap load of them. The iPhone alone has enjoyed 84 separate TV advertisements over its five year exsistence, and now you can watch them all in one place. Adweek has compiled the entire iPhone advertising campaign into a single page so Apple fans can go through each ad chronologically, starting with the famous “Hello” ad that premiered at the Oscars in 2007, to the most recent one where a kid commands Siri to proclaim him a Rock God.

With so many ads, it’s hard to declare a favorite, but here’s a couple that we’re pretty fond of:

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Samsung Shamelessly Steals Child Actress From iPhone 4S Commercial To Shill Galaxy Tab [Video]

Samsung has shamelessly ripped-off Apple‘s products every step of the way, but this has got to be a new — well, not low, but something. Not content to just rip-off Apple’s product designs, Samsung is now stealing the very actresses from Apple’s own commercials!

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Apple’s New Ad Is An Animated Magical Mystery Tour Of The Beatles [Video]

Late last week, Apple uploaded this fantastic new ad to their official YouTube account, and it really is a beautiful piece of work: a magical mystery tour through a collection of living, breathing Beatles covers.

It’s really charming how proud Apple is of getting the Beatles on iTunes, to the extent that over a year later, Apple is still advertising the Beatles as if they are one of their own in-house products, like an iPhone or iPad.

Meet The Man Who Became The Voice Of Siri Without Even Knowing It

Meet The Man Who Became The Voice Of Siri Without Even Knowing It

Apple doesn’t really like it when its employees speak to the press. Like, at all. So it’s interesting to see a British voice actor who provided the male voice For Siri — arguably the voice of Apple these days — openly speaking to journalists about how he came to speak for every iPhone 4S on Earth, especially considering Cupertino tried to muzzle him.

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Latest iPhone 4 Commercial Is All About The Retina Display


Sharp has just matched the iPhone 4’s touchscreen pixel for pixel with their new IS03 Phone, but that’s not going to stop Apple from crowing about the Retina Display in their latest ad, highlighting the fact that the world’s “highest-resolution phone screen ever” will make “every freckle, every wrinkle” (and presumably every wart, every melanoma, and every port wine stain) look clearer and more beautiful than ever before.

For extra points, check out those impossibly beautiful Twitter friends the iPhone 4 hand model has. Compared to that, my Twitter friends are a sad collection of hobos.