Socialmatic Concept Turns Instagram Into A Physical Camera [Gallery]

The Instagram revolution can't be stopped...
The Instagram revolution can't be stopped...

Following Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, news and rumors surrounding the photography app have continued to swirl.

What would happen if Instagram sold a standalone camera to take and share pictures? While such a thing will obviously never happen, the idea was interesting enough to inspire “Socialmatic,” a physical camera concept for Instagram.

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ADR Studios is the Italian design company behind the iPhone SJ, a sultry concept design for the iPhone 5 featuring an edge-to-edge capacitive touchscreen, 10 megapixel camera, A6 processor, and a polycarbonate body that’s about as light as you can imagine.

It’s a design that’s not realistically going to happen, but we’ve been a little obsessed with it for the last month or so. We feel similarly about ADR’s new iWatch2 concept: Apple’s never going to make a device that was so exclusively and unapologetically a wristwatch, but if they did, man, I wish it would look like this.