Become an Adobe Photoshop pro with this bundle of lessons [Deals]

This 8-course bundle of lessons covers all the essentials of Adobe Photoshop, one of the most widely used applications in visual media.
This 8-course bundle of lessons covers all the essentials of Adobe Photoshop, one of the most widely used applications in visual media.
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Knowledge of Photoshop is one of the most commonly sought skills in digital media, but let’s face it — Adobe’s powerful industry standard image editing software can be a bit intimidating. That is, until you get a grip on the basics of how it works, which is exactly what the ‘Train Simple’ Adobe Photoshop Bundle offers. Over the course of 8 lessons, you’ll get a stem-to-stern tour of the concepts, functions and tools of Photoshop. It’s a deal that’s back by popular demand for a limited time and for just $55 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Master the worlds of Adobe and web design with a lifetime of lessons [Deals]


From Photoshop to Flash, Adobe’s software products are a key part of the digital media ecosystem. Mastering a set of tools as wide ranging as theirs takes a lot of time, which is exactly what the Lifetime Subscription to Adobe Training Videos offers. For $89, you’ll get literally as much time as you need to absorb thousands of lessons on the countless facets of Adobe and web design.

Get the complete Learn to Design Course Bundle for 93% off [Deals]


Even if you’re a specialist in an area of digital design, understanding the basics in other parts of the wide field of UX/UI, web, game and mobile design will vastly expand your perspective and marketability. A broader outlook is just what you’ll get from Udemy’s Learn to Design 2015 Course Bundle, a sprawling buffet of design knowledge, now going for a whopping 93 percent off the normal price, just $59.

Day in the Life series mastermind reflects on 25 years of Photoshop


Adobe's Russell Brown, center, placed himself in a photo of the First Couple during a demonstration of Photopshop 1.0 on the Today Show in 1990. Photo: Today Show/YouTube
Adobe's Russell Brown, center, placed himself in a photo with Nancy and Ronald Reagan during a demonstration of Photoshop 1.0 on Today in 1990. Photo: Today Show/YouTube

Photographer and book publisher Rick Smolan was 25 when he made the best picture of his young career while on assignment in Australia. It was a group of aboriginal children playing in golden light with a balloon on a red dirt runway.

But when he looked down at his camera, he realized the shot would be grossly underexposed. Sure enough, when the Kodachrome 25 slides came back, the frame was dark and murky.

“I stuck the slide in a safe deposit box because I knew someday someone would invent something to save that picture,” Smolan, who created the Day in the Life photo book series and America 24/7, told Cult of Mac.

Analog photo technique brings Bambi to life


Look who decided to wake up!

My new pet...

Get down you naughty deer!

Bambi is not so good at fetch!

Bambi is not so good at fetch!

He always makes such funny faces! So cute!

Always up to no good!

Bambi dreams of Tad...


My little prancing man!

Hide and go seek! LOL!

Bambi spies the blue mouse cat toy!

Bambi and the first hints of spring! Finally warm enough to take him outside.

Splicing a cute little animal into a photograph doesn’t take more than a few seconds for anybody with a copy of Photoshop.

But Colorado artist Janelle Pietrzak spends hours cutting light stencils with a razor blade, then uses a shoebox and long-exposure photography to bring Bambi and other cuddly creatures to life inside her home.

“If you look at my photographs there is fantasy world full of mythical creatures, floating orbs, ghosts and goddesses, all created by manipulating light,” Pietrzak tells Cult of Mac. “The catch is that I hardly use any Adobe Photoshop. What you see in the images is basically what I saw on the back of my camera.”