Russian woman’s risky selfie goes exactly as you’d expect

Grand Theft Auto V remains the only safe way to take a selfie with a gun.
Grand Theft Auto V remains the only safe way to take a selfie with a gun.
Photo: SlushyMustange/Imgur (via Reddit)

A young Russian woman who posed for a selfie with a 9 mm handgun accidentally shot herself in the head.

Police report that the 21-year-old found the weapon in the building she worked in after a security guard left it behind while he went on vacation.

The Best Accidental iPod Engraving You’ll Find [Image]



Be careful what you request on Apple’s website. While you might think you’re passing on the opportunity to get something beautiful engraved on your iPod, you might actually be requesting it.

That’s what happened to one unfortunate redditor who swears he totally didn’t want Apple to engrave anything on his iPod. This joke has been around for years, but it’s still funny, right?

Source: Reddit

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Both Foxconn iPad 2 Factories Exploded For The Same Reason



Yesterday, we reported about an explosion at a Shanghai iPad 2 factory owned by Foxconn that injured 61 people, some seriously. It’s the second time in the last year an explosion has rocked an iPad 2 factory, and it’s now been seemingly confirmed that both explosions happened for the same reason: a build-up of aluminum dust in the factory area that eventually combusted.