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Walnut Bloc Keeps Your Apple TV Remote From Wandering Off


The Apple TV remote is  a cute little brick of sleek aluminum simplicity, but its so damn skinny and small that if you’re like me, it goes missing for weeks at a time. If you need an extra reminder to put your toys away after you’ve played with them, Bloc has a walnut stand to keep all your Apple TV gear in place.

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CamRanger Turns Your iOS Device Into A Full-On DSLR Remote [Review]

CamRanger Turns Your iOS Device Into A Full-On DSLR Remote [Review]

I just took a picture with my DSLR… from my iPad

“Wow, this is cool.” That was my first thought when I saw CamRanger controlling a full-size DSLR for the first time, then wirelessly beaming picture previews to an iPad 15 feet away.

Category: iOS/photography accessories
Works With: iPhone, iPad, Mac
Price: $300

From ISO, to shutter, to aperture, white balance—-even live view and touch-to-focus—-the CamRanger gives you amazing control of any compatible DSLR from your iPad or iPhone. All it takes to get the magic going, is the tiny CamRanger unit and their free iOS app.

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Smart Cargo Adds Smart Storage To Smart Cover

Our serial-inventing friend Dotan Saguy is back, this time with yet another super-smart iAccessory. It’s a little carrying case for your everyday iPad essentials, and it is designed to integrate with your iPd Smart Cover. It’s called the Smart Cargo, and it’s as ingenious as Dotan’s other Kickstarter projects like the Smarter Stand.

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The FitBit Flex Will Get Your Ass Off The Couch, But Not Through A Marathon [Review]


Flex by FitBit
Category: Fitness
Works With: iPhone 5, Mac
Price: $100

The FitBit Flex is a $99 rubber band you wear around your wrist to track how many steps you’ve taken every day. It connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone, or through a dongle to your Mac. If you are utterly sedentary, it’s a fantastic gadget that may very well encourage you to make some slight adjustments to your lifestyle before your heart explodes in front of your computer desk one day. If you are already even lightly active, though, the FitBit Flex is a puzzle of a product that seems fetishistically focussed on how much you walk while utterly ignoring how much you bike, swim or even run.

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Apple Stops 24-Hour Dispatch For Some International Online Stores

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 16.11.33

Apple has stopped advertising 24-hour dispatch for products sold through some international online stores. Many of the Cupertino company’s popular products offered 24-hour dispatch providing they were in stock, but in some markets that’s now been increased to 1-2 business days.

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Apple Kicks Off Father’s Day Promotion With Online Store Design Tweaks


The Apple online store went down for just over four hours earlier today, and it came back with Apple’s new Father’s Day promotion and a few noticeable design changes.

The Cupertino company is again heavily promoting the iPad and the iPad mini, but the iPhone 5 also gets a lot of room on the store’s homepage.

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Why iOS Accessory Makers Are Ditching Lightning For Bluetooth


There was a time when every hotel room had a 30-Pin Dock Connector in it somewhere, but eight or nine months after debut, Lightning — the 30-Pin Dock Connector’s successor — still hasn’t really taken off, outside of a few docks and battery cases. Sure, it’s a new standard, and Apple was famously very slow in issuing MFi deals to accessory makers who wanted to support Lightning… but even so, it seems companies have been slow to pick up the new standard.

Why? Once bitten, twice shy, it appears. In the aftermath of Apple’s Lightning transition, more and more companies are opting to embrace cheap, open wireless standards like Bluetooth instead of Lightning. And that’s probably costing Apple revenue.

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Spider Monkey Utility Belt Hooks Turn You Into A Photographic Batman [Review]

There's some irony that the object now stuck to my Spider Monkey -- forever -- is a clock.

There’s some irony that the object now stuck to my Spider Monkey — forever — is a clock.

Spider Monkey by Spider Holster
Category: Camera Gear
Works With: Anything
Price: $17

I was going to ditch the standard review format for this post and instead make a gallery of different objects hung on my belt Using the neat little Spider Monkey accessory holster.

That was until I discovered that the adhesive tab that helps hold the Monkey’s Tab onto the target accessory is not reusable. Well, that might not be strictly true. It might well be reusable, but I will never find out because it is almost certainly unremovable.

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MOS Unclutters The Cables In Your Life With The Power Of Magnets [Review]

MOS Unclutters The Cables In Your Life With The Power Of Magnets [Review]

You know when you unplug your iPhone and your $20 Lightning cable goes slithering to the floor? I hate that, and it used to happen to me all the time in the morning when I set free my phone from its charging cable, and each time it happened, I thought to myself, “there’s gotta be a way to prevent this.”

MOS (Magnetic Organization System) by
Category: Accessories
Works With: Any cable!
Price: $24.00 for plastic versions, $40 for aluminum

Well, with the MOS securely attached to my bedside table, now there is.

Harnessing the power of magnets, MOS (Magnetic Organizing System) is a handy little puck that keeps your cables stuck to its surface and ready for use instead of lying listless and tangled on your desk or floor.

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Want To Recharge Your iPhone Using Your iPad’s Battery? You Can With The ChargeBite [Kickstarter]


Call it the Dracula of iPhone chargers: the ChargeBite doesn’t charge your iPhone by juicing it up from an inclosed battery pack, but by sucking precious electricity from a friend’s iPhone and siphoning it into your own.

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