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Cord-protecting Juiceboxx will save you a trip to the Apple Store

juiceboxx-mac-accessory-cord-no-fray - 1

Juiceboxx is a $20 accessory tha protects your Mac charger from fraying.

My MacBook Air’s charging cord was basically destroyed after only about two years of owning it. I just kept putting black electrical tape around it but that only seemed to make it worse. I finally waved the white flag, went to the Apple Store and bought a new charger for a whopping $79. If you’ve been through this before, listen up, because Juiceboxx will help you out.

Juiceboxx is a plastic case that wraps around your MacBook’s power adapter and forces the cord to point straight forward at the base. That way when you need to wrap it up and go, the cord isn’t dealing with the stress of being bent and twisted. More importantly, your cord won’t fray as it tends to do, leaving you with more money in your pocket and one less trip to the Apple Store.

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Apple Music coming to Sonos, but there’s bad news

Soon you'll be able to blast Apple Music through your Sonos speakers.

Soon you’ll be able to blast Apple Music through your Sonos speakers.

There’s good news and bad news for Beats Music and future Apple Music users alike. Apple has confirmed that the new music service will arrive for Sonos apps and speakers, but unfortunately not right away. It turns out integration won’t be ready in time for the big launch tomorrow, June 30, but the two companies are working together to bring Apple Music to Sonos as soon as possible.

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This hot accessory turns your iPhone into a thermal camera

Give your iPhone Predator vision.

Give your iPhone Predator vision.

The second-generation FLIR One thermal camera is now available for iOS devices. Unlike the first-gen FLIR one which came as an iPhone 5/5s case, this standalone accessory attaches to your iPhone or iPad via a Lightning connector — and offers you 4x better resolution in the process.

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Apple is accused of bullying Monster over Beats lawsuit


Apple is allegedly banning Monster from making official iPhone accessories for suing Beats.

Apple is accused of corporate bullying after reportedly booting rival headphone maker Monster from its “Made for iPhone” accessory program.

Monster claims the move is in retaliation for an ongoing lawsuit against Beats, which is now owned by Apple. Monster was the original contract manufacturer of Beats-branded headphones. The move could seriously impact Monster’s headphone business.

Considering the headphone market is a $2 billion industry in the United States, there’s plenty of money to be lost without Apple’s support.

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This infinitely customizable keyboard only does everything

Sonder Keyboard

We love living in the future.

Keyboards are great for typing numbers and letters and stuff, but don’t they seem a little static sometimes?

This awesome-looking Bluetooth peripheral aims to solve that problem you may or may not actually have, and it does so with a lot of style and a crisp, simple design.

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12 accessories to trick out your Apple Watch

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch isn’t available for preorder yet, but that hasn’t stopped accessory makers from proudly showcasing their wares for the upcoming device.

We still don’t know if Apple will let Apple Watch accessories connect directly into the smartwatch’s mysterious port, but there will be plenty of fancy stands and even some third-party bands.

Here are 12 Apple Watch accessories to trick out your fancy new wearable:

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9 weird ways to turn your iPhone or iPad into a music machine

Keeping music on iOS weird. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Keeping music on iOS weird. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

If there’s one thing we humans like to do, it’s make music. Seriously, we’ve been doing it since prehistoric times, so it’s no big surprise that we’d find many ways to bring music to our latest tool: the iPhone and iPad.

While there are a ton of different ways to play or make music on your iOS device of choice, here are nine rather weird ones, plus some fantastic videos to hear and see just how its done.

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Grovemade’s wood desk collection turns your Mac desktop into a designer paradise


Grovemade already makes some of our favorite wooden accessories for the iPad and iPhone, but now the San Francisco based woodworkers are entering the realm of the desktop with the Grovemade Desk collection, a gorgeous array of accessories for the wood-obsessed Mac fan.

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The NomadPlus turns your iPhone charger into a battery pack


When you hit the road, you take your iPhone charger. If you’re hitting the road for a long time, you might also take a portable battery along with it.

So redundant. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to roll up your charger and your portable battery pack into a single device? Now, thanks to Nomad, there is, and it’s so ingenious, I can’t believe that Apple hasn’t done this themselves.

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Control Your Cable Clutter With The CableHub 2 Pack [Deals]


Your desk needs to be clean and organized so you function as efficiently as possible, right? Don’t you get tired of wasting time untangling, tripping and spilling due to that pesky abundance of cords.

CableHub isn’t just any other cable management system. Those only store one or two cables at once, but you need something that exceeds that. Some people need to charge a tablet, phone, headset, laptop, and any other everyday necessity to keep your day running smooth, and CableHub will help make that happen. And Cult of Mac Deals has The CableHub 2 Pack for only $24.99 during this limited time offer.

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