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Apple Will Announce Q4 2013 Earnings On October 28th

Tim Cook happy by CNET

Apple announced today that its financial earnings call with investors for Q4 2013 will be held on October 28th at 2PM PT.

AAPL shares have been slowly recovering from a recent slump after hitting a high of over $700 per share in 2012. The recent announcement that iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales shattered past iPhone sales records with 9 million units sold should portend good things for Apple’s earnings and the share price, but Wall Street is always pretty fickle with AAPL, so we’ll have to wait and see if the good news will be enough to get more of Wall Street on board.

Like its previous earnings calls, Apple is allowing the press and its shareholders to listen in to a live audio webcast, which is available via its website and can be accessed on iOS devices. Cult of Mac will be on hand to liveblog the results as they come in, along with any commentary from Tim and the gang.

Carl Icahn Says He Pushed Tim Cook Hard To Do A $150 Billion Buyback


Carl Icahn finally got his dinner date wish with Tim Cook last night, after the famous billionaire investor took to Twitter a few weeks ago to preach how Wall Street has seriously undervalued AAPL stock. Along with parading his optimism for Apple’s stock, Icahn purchased a major stake in AAPL stock and has been dying for Cupertino to issue more buybacks.

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iPhone 5s Launch Performance Compared To Other iPhones And Samsung [Chart]


Apple sold 3 million iPhone 5s and 5c units everyday for the past three days this weekend for the most successful smartphone launch in history. Not only did Apple completely dominate its old sales numbers set by the iPhone 5, but based on this handy chart that Horace Dediu whipped up, Samsung has never even come close to any of the iPhone’s launch day performances.

Sure the Galaxy S 4 comes close to the iPhone 3G and 3GS sales numbers, but that was over five years ago. Looks like Samsung still has a lot of catching up to to do, and if early morning trading on AAPL shares is any indication, Wall Street agrees.

AAPL Shares Are Down Nearly 3% After iPhone 5c Announcement


Usually after an iPhone announcement Wall Street goes crazy for AAPL stock, sending the price on the up-and-up. But after today’s announcement of the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s, AAPL is down nearly 3% as it’s dropped about 14.17 points.

There’s still some time left in the trading day, so the stock could rebound. While the drop isn’t catastrophic, it is a bit surprising as many viewed the iPhone 5c as Apple’s answer to satisfy Wall Street, but it appears that investors aren’t impressed with the iPhone 5c’s price point at $549 off-contract.

Carl Icahn’s Ulterior Motive: He Might Want Apple To Buy Nuance


Investment tycoon Carl Icahn has been bullish on Apple lately. In mid-August, Icahn unexpectedly tweeted that Icahn Enterprises, his diversified holding company, believed Apple to be “extremely undervalued.” Immediately, share prices jumped 5.6%. The next week, Icahn announced on Twitter that he and Tim Cook would be meeting in September to discuss a larger buyback program of AAPL shares.

That’s all nice, but Icahn is a business magnate, not an Apple fanboy. So what the heck is he up to here? A new theory being put forward by some investors is that Icahn has ulterior motives for his sudden Apple love affair: he wants Apple to buy Nuance, a company Icahn has a large stake in.

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Tim Cook And Carl Icahn Plan To Discuss Magnitude Of Share Buyback Over Dinner

Famous billionaire investor Carl Icahn took to Twitter this afternoon to announce that he and his new buddy Tim Cook are going to be meeting up for dinner in September to talk about Apple’s stock buyback program.

According to Icahn, Tim believes in doing the buyback, but the two giants are going to talk about the “magnitude” of it later to see just how much cash can be wrung out of AAPL.

Icahn made a lot of noise last week with claims that AAPL stock is extremely undervalued. AAPL shares shot up quickly after Icahn’s tweet last week, but his tweet this afternoon seems to have less of an effect on the stock. AAPL is down -3.83 and trading at 498.53 a share today but NASDAQ has been down part of the day, so maybe we’ll see a jump when things get back to normal.

Carl Icahn Says AAPL Is ‘Extremely Undervalued’ After Phone Call With Tim Cook


AAPL shares rose 5.6% in value today after word came out that billionaire investor Carl Icahn thinks the company is ‘extremely undervalued.’ The stock was trading above $493 a share after 3PM ET today — a nice $26 jump up from the stock’s closing price on Monday.

Icahn revealed on Twitter that he spoke briefly with Tim Cook today about the company’s future and that he’s decided to make a large position with Apple:

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Apple Shares Drop Below 400, As DOW Dives 220 Points


AAPL shares have dropped below $400 in early morning trading on Monday. The DOW and NASDAQ both opened to big losses as they dropped 220 points and 53 points.

The share price drop may also be due in part to a report this morning that Apple has significantly reduced iPhone orders for the remainder of 2013. AAPL shares dropped below $400 in April for the first time in over 16 months.

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What The Price Of A 17-Inch PowerBook G4 In 2003 Would Be Worth Today In Apple Stock


Many of us have old MacBooks and PowerBooks collecting cobwebs and dust bunnies in the back of our closets. It seems an ignominous end to a computer that we not only loved, but probably spent a lot of money on. Did we waste our cash on something little better than a dust collector?

That’s what TNW co-founder Patrick de Laive wanted to know, so he ended up asking himself what would have happened if he’d bought Aple stock back in 2003 instead of spending $3,299 for the 17-inch PowerBook G4 back in April of 2003. The answer is that today, he could buy a starter home with the money he’d have earned on AAPL, while a PowerBook G4 on eBay can be had for under $50. Woof.

Here’s What Apple’s iOS 7 Beta Testers Are Reading On The Web


This is the cover of the favorite album of iOS 7 beta testers.

It’s not uncommon to see early versions of upcoming iOS and Mac releases pop up in server logs — we’ve seen occasional blips from iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 for a while now in our own server logs — but what is less common is actually looking over an iOS 7 beta tester’s shoulder and checking out what they’re interested in.

Yet that’s just what mobile site conversion company OnSwipe was able to do, analysing iOS 7 beta tester’s reading habits to get a better grip on what people at Apple are interested in.

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