Thermal Imaging Confirms New iPad Runs 10 Degrees Hotter Than iPad 2


The new iPad (left) gets warmer than the iPad 2, but it's nothing to worry about.
The new iPad (left) might run warmer than the iPad 2, but you don't need to worry about it.

Yesterday we reported that a number of new iPad adopters are taking to Apple’s Support Communities forum to voice their concerns about its operating temperature. Many feel the new slate gets a little too warm during prolonged use, and they’re concerned it’s a serious issue.

Thermal imaging has now confirmed that the third-generation iPad does indeed get around 10° Fahrenheit warmer than the iPad 2, but it’s really nothing to worry about.

Apps That Will Showcase Your New iPad’s Super Powers

Despite strong demand, the iPad continues its international rollout next week.
Despite strong demand, the iPad continues its international rollout next week.

If you’ve just upgraded from an iPad 2 to an iPad 3 a new iPad, no doubt you’ll be wanting to put the new device’s super powers – Retina screen, LTE wireless data, improved camera, and A5X processor – to the test.

Here’s a short list of apps that’ll help you do that.

Early Benchmark Tests For New iPad Confirm 1GB Of RAM, Same 1GHz Processor Speed


Apple's new iPad has double the RAM of its predecessor.

Early benchmark tests conducted on Apple’s new iPad have confirmed that the third-generation tablet is the first iOS device to get 1GB of RAM, double the amount packed into its predecessor. Its new A5X processor, however, clocks in at the same speed as the A5 chip.

Apple’s New A5X Processor May Not Be Suitable For The iPhone [Report]


Image courtesy of Engadget

Apple introduced its new A5X processor in the third-generation iPad yesterday, and based on the company’s previous moves, we’re expecting the chip to appear in its next iPhone. However, that may not be the case. According to analysts, the chip requires too much power to be used in the iPhone, and Apple will need to create a more power-efficient chip with a new manufacturing process for its next smartphone.

Apple TV Packs Custom A5 Chip

The new Apple TV gets its own custom chip
The new Apple TV gets its own custom chip

Tim Cook kind of rushed past the Apple TV update yesterday. On the surface of things, not much changed: 1080p was the only real new feature, as the new iOS-like interface and Netflix sign-up are also available on older Apple TVs via update. But under the hood, the little black box is powered by a custom single-core A5 chip.