Microsoft crosses ‘buy hot productivity app’ off its Wunderlist


Microsoft’s devouring of our favorite mobile apps continues today with the acquisition of 6Wunderkinder, makers of popular task management app Wunderlist.

The buyout, which comes just four months after Microsoft acquired Sunrise, will help the software continue its mission to reinvent productivity in a mobile-first world, it says.

Wunderlist 2: Rebirth Of A Great Task Manager With New Design And Slick Sharing [Review]


Wunderlist 2

I’ve been a fan of Wunderlist for a long time. When it comes to task managers, it has just always been one of the best. Today it has been taken to the next level. In version 2, Wunderlist has been redesigned and rebuilt into a native application on all devices. The app is faster with more features, a web version, and a social experience that makes sharing and collaborating on lists feel smooth as butter.

6Wunderkinder, the Berlin-based company behind Wunderlist, recently canned another app called Wunderkit. The collaborative, team-focused backbone of Wunderkit has been infused into Wunderlist 2. Whether you want to get things done by yourself or with the help of others, Wunderlist 2 is an excellent task manager for all of your devices.

Wunderlist 2: Reengineered, Redesigned And Coming Soon To Android, iOS, Mac & PC


Wunderlist 2 is coming soon.
Wunderlist 2 is coming soon.

6Wunderkinder has announced a brand new version of Wunderlist that’s coming to Android, iOS, Mac, and PC just in time for Christmas. Wunderlist 2 has been “reengineered, rebuilt and redesigned, from start to finish,” its creators tease. Check out what’s new and get a glimpse of the new app in the preview video below.