Apple’s 5th Avenue Flagship Store Reportedly Sells Over 13,000 New iPads In Just 12 Hours


The iconic glass cube at the 5th Avenue Apple Store. Image by Barry McLynn on Flickr
The iconic glass cube at the 5th Avenue Apple Store. Image by Barry McLynn on Flickr

Tim Cook said earlier this morning that Apple saw a “record weekend” for its new iPad, and AT&T has confirmed record iPad activations during the product’s launch day on Friday, March 16th. Although specific sales numbers have not been given by Apple, AT&T or Verizon, all signs point to another record-breaking product launch for Apple.

A new report says that Apple’s flagship 5th Avenue retail store in New York City was selling 18 iPads per minute during launch day, totaling a staggering 13,000 units sold during the first 12 hours of in-store availability.

The Prettiest Picture Of The 5th Avenue Apple Store You’ll Ever See [Image]


Apple redesigned the 5th Avenue cube last year with 15 glass panels. There used to be 90.

This stunning shot of Apple’s flagship 5th Avenue store in New York City was recently taken by Barry McLynn with a Canon EOS 60D. We’ve seen lots of shots of the new glass cube, but this one definitely takes the cake. Reminds you of what makes Apple special.

Apple’s Redesigned 5th Avenue Store Is Revealed! [Before/After]



It’s not set to open for another hour yet, but the curtain’s already been pulled back on Apple’s redesigned 5th Avenue store, which sees the iconic cube pared down from 90 panes of glass to just fifteen, and the architectural cruft needed to support them eliminated in favor of a new “seamless” design.

The end result is quite lovely, and makes the 5th Avenue location even more of a wonderful contradiction: how ironic that New York’s most photographed landmark is also its most invisible! More pictures below.

Apple’s Seamless Glass Cube On Fifth Avenue Is Launching Friday [Report]


Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store opens in New York City.
before the redesign

Apple is finally unveiling its seamless glass cube entrance to the Fifth Avenue store on Friday, according to MacRumors. Apple’s Fifth Avenue retail store is one of the most recognized Apple stores in the world and a main tourist attraction in New York City.

$6.6. million in renovations to the Fifth Avenue store will finally be revealed to the public on Friday, November 4th. Since June, there have been a series of temporary walls hiding the work that has now been done to the glass cube entrance of the store.