Real-e? Apple’s new 4-inch smartphone to be named ‘iPhone 5e’


The real name of Apple's upcoming 4-inch handset?
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It seems that most people agree that Apple has plans to release a 4-inch iPhone in the not-too-distant future. What no-one, it seems, can agree on is what Apple will call said handset.

So far the name we’ve heard most often has been the iPhone 6c. Now a new report coming out of China suggests that this will be the first of a whole new range of iPhones — with its proper title rumored to be the iPhone 5e.

Top Apple analyst believes a 4-inch iPhone isn’t worth Apple’s time


Will the iPhone 6c be a flop like the 5c?
Would the 4-inch iPhone be a waste of time?
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We’ve heard plenty of conflicting reports about when we should expect a new smaller, 4-inch iPhone “c” from Apple, but Piper Jaffray’s resident Apple analyst Gene Munster suggests that Cupertino would be wasting its time by releasing a sequel to 2013’s iPhone 5c.

Why? Because, Munster claims, customers don’t really want smaller handsets at all.

4-inch iPhone 6s is coming soon, says top Apple analyst


Is the 4-inch iPhone coming or not?
Is the 4-inch iPhone on its way?
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A 4-inch iPhone 6s — resembling an “upgraded iPhone 5s” — is on the way in the first half of 2016, says renowned Apple prognosticator, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo claims the handset will come with an A9 processor and metal casing — although customers shouldn’t expect Apple to incorporate its 3D Touch technology into the handset, as a way of differentiating it from the premium iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models.

Sketchy rumor claims 4-inch iPhone is coming early next year

Is the 4-inch iPhone coming or not?
Is the 4-inch iPhone coming or not?
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Rumors about Apple making a return to the 4-inch form factor for future iPhones have been doing the rounds since late last year.

While they seem to have quietened down as of late, however, a new report injects some life into the story by claiming that Apple display panel maker AU Optronics is one of several companies involved with manufacturing 4-inch iPhone panels — for a device which could ship as early as Q1 2016.

Foxconn is ready to release an army of robots to build the iPhone 6


For years now, Foxconn has been expressing its interest in replacing its workers with robots, raising the possibility that future iPhones could be built with machines. In fact, in December of 2012, Foxconn quietly began testing a program to replace human workers with iPhone-building robots.

But now, it appears that Foxconn is hitting the accelerator on the program. Foxconn CEO Terry Gou has just told shareholders that they will be deploying some 10,000 “Foxbots” to start building iPhones soon.