Real-e? Apple’s new 4-inch smartphone to be named ‘iPhone 5e’


The real name of Apple's upcoming 4-inch handset?
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It seems that most people agree that Apple has plans to release a 4-inch iPhone in the not-too-distant future. What no-one, it seems, can agree on is what Apple will call said handset.

So far the name we’ve heard most often has been the iPhone 6c. Now a new report coming out of China suggests that this will be the first of a whole new range of iPhones — with its proper title rumored to be the iPhone 5e.

Top Apple analyst believes a 4-inch iPhone isn’t worth Apple’s time


Will the iPhone 6c be a flop like the 5c?
Would the 4-inch iPhone be a waste of time?
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We’ve heard plenty of conflicting reports about when we should expect a new smaller, 4-inch iPhone “c” from Apple, but Piper Jaffray’s resident Apple analyst Gene Munster suggests that Cupertino would be wasting its time by releasing a sequel to 2013’s iPhone 5c.

Why? Because, Munster claims, customers don’t really want smaller handsets at all.

4-inch iPhone 6s is coming soon, says top Apple analyst


Is the 4-inch iPhone coming or not?
Is the 4-inch iPhone on its way?
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A 4-inch iPhone 6s — resembling an “upgraded iPhone 5s” — is on the way in the first half of 2016, says renowned Apple prognosticator, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo claims the handset will come with an A9 processor and metal casing — although customers shouldn’t expect Apple to incorporate its 3D Touch technology into the handset, as a way of differentiating it from the premium iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models.