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People save and change lives in Apple’s newest iPhone 5s ad


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Apple has a new TV ad out for the iPhone 5s, and it’s the fourth installment in its “You’re More Powerful Than You Think” campaign. The ads have previously shown people using the iPhone to do stuff like play music, workout, and parent.

Titled “Dreams,” the latest spot is a collection of ways people are using the iPhone around the world to make a real impact in the lives of others. Using a combination of hardware accessories and apps, the iPhone is seen helping doctors, firefighters, and more.

How to make an iPhone 5s dock out of nothing but LEGOs



Dropping cash on a new iPhone dock each time Apple decides to change the form factor can get pretty annoying, but if you’re down with rolling your own home brewed solution, you can actually create a sturdy dock for your iPhone 5s or iPod Touch using nothing but the LEGO blocks laying around your house.

We’ve seen a few LEGO docks over the years, but a YouTuber has created a simple step-by-step tutorial that teaches everyone how to build their out of three parts – a top segment, cable holder and a base. The dock in the video only uses black and white LEGOs for a sleek look, but we’d love to see it with a splash of color.

Watch the full tutorial below:

iPhone 5s is world’s top smartphone, but phablets are on the rise


Apple's 5.5-inch
Apple's 5.5-inch "phablet" iPhone 6 may start mass production in September.

The iPhone 5s is the number one smartphone in 35 countries around the world, according to new research conducted by Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 came in second followed by the S4, Note 3 phablet, and iPhone 5c at fifth place. With larger 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones on the horizon, Counterpoint notes that Apple will have another hit on its hands if it goes after the larger-screen smartphone market.