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Sorry iPhone 5c: You’re A Flop In China, Too


The iPhone 5c flopped in the U.S. — and now figures released by Umeng, China’s largest app analytics platform, suggest that things aren’t much different in China.

In the fourth month since its launch in China, the colorful iPhone 5c accounted for slightly less than 2% of all active iOS devices on Umeng’s app analytics network.

By comparison, the iPhone 5s represented 12% of the market — while the iPhone 5 remains a consistent seller.

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FCC’s Approval Of AT&T’s Leap Buyout Will Bring iPhone 5 Family To Cricket

Cricket's 7 million U.S. customers will be able to buy the iPhone next month.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved AT&T’s $1.3 billion purchase of Leap Wireless, as per a recent report.

As part of the deal — which works out at $15 per share — AT&T has confirmed that the Leap-owned, pre-paid carrier Cricket will offer iPhone 5 family devices.

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Apple Makes A Big Push Into Online Ads For The iPhone 5c

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 9.53.43 PM

The iPhone 5c is a total flop, and Apple may very well kill it off entirely when the iPhone 6 comes around. But Cupertino’s not going down without a fight, which is why the company is making a major advertising push for the iPhone 5c on Yahoo and the New York Times webpage.

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iPhone 5 Saves Soldier’s Life In Bomb Explosion [Video]


A Utah soldier has thanked Apple after his iPhone 5 helped save his life from a suicide bomb explosion while on tour in Afghanistan.

The metal ball bearings from the bomb ripped through the phone casing, but not Shaun Frank. While he suffered several superficial wounds from the blast, his sister claims that medics “did tell him when he got back to base that the iPhone probably saved his life.”

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Apple’s Larger iPhones Will Reportedly Be A Mix Of The iPhone 5c And iPod Nano

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 8.47.03 PM

The consensus within the rumor mill seems to be that Apple will release not one, but two larger iPhones later this year. According to a new report from Japanese site Macotakara, the new designs will borrow heavily from the existing iPhone 5c and iPod nano.

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iOS 7.1 Adds Auto-HDR iPhone 5s

iOS 7.1 Adds Auto-HDR iPhone 5s

As mentioned in our iOS 7.1 screenshot roundup, the new iOS update adds auto-HDR mode for the iPhone 5s, letting the camera’s brain decide whether or not to activate the High-Dynamic Range feature.

In theory, this should mean that your iPhone will switch to HDR when there is too much contrast in the scene for the camera to capture in one exposure.

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RIP, iPhone 5c: You’re A Flop [Chart]

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 10.26.01 AM

If you love the iPhone 5c, here’s a painful chart, courtesy of analytics plaform Mixpanel: growth of the iPhone 5c is pretty much stagnant at just around 6% (roughly where it’s been since Christmas), even as the iPhone 5s has achieved a 20% share of the iPhone market, overtaking the iPhone 4 and approaching the iPhone 4s in popularity.

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Unu’s Extreme Battery Pack Charges iPhone 5 Times, Fits In Your Pocket

Unu’s Extreme Battery Pack Charges iPhone 5 Times, Fits In Your Pocket

Unu’s new Enerpak Extreme is an update to my favorite battery backup brick. In fact, I have one here on my desk ready to review, but I thought I’d tell you about it first.

The Enerpak Extreme is a 14,000mAh battery pack that can charge an iPhone or an iPad, or both at the same time. It has two full-sized USB ports, one 1-Amp and one 2.1-Amp, plus a microUSB port for charging the device itself.

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How The Galaxy S5 Stacks Up Against iPhone 5s, Xperia Z2, HTC One & More [Comparison]


Just as expected, Samsung unveiled its flagship Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress on Monday evening. In addition to fancy new features like a fingerprint scanner and heartbeat sensor, the handset boasts the latest Snapdragon 801 processor, a 1080p Super AMOLED display, and a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera with rich tone HDR, selective focus, and more.

But how does the Galaxy S5 compare to some of its competitors, like the iPhone 5s, the new Sony Xperia Z2, and its cousin, the Galaxy Note 3? We’ve put together a handy comparison chart below that makes it all clear — and may help you choose the best handset for you.

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Samsung Announces Gold Galaxy S5 To Match The iPhone 5s

samsungvsapple (1)

Samsung just revealed its latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 and not only is it waterproof, it comes in four colors – black, white, blue and gold.

Apple announced the gold iPhone 5s last Fall which led to Samsung to respond up with a limited gold S4 edition, but now it plans to sell the gold S5 globally starting in April.

The gold iPhone 5s was a huge hit with consumers with demand far outpacing supply. We’ll have to wait till Spring to see if the gold S5 inspires a similar fervor with fans, but so far it’s drawing more comparisons to a band-aid than an Apple product.