Banks went code-name crazy to keep Apple Pay a secret

Apple's partners went to extremes to keep news of Cupertino's mobile payments entry quiet.

Apple’s partners went to extremes to keep news of Cupertino’s mobile payments entry quiet.

Apple goes to some pretty crazy lengths to ensure secrecy for its various projects, and it expects a similar commitment from its partners.

According to a New York Times article, prior to releasing Apple Pay, the key players (which included Apple and banks such as JP Morgan Chase) referred to each other by code-names after rumors of Apple’s interest in mobile payments surfaced in early 2013.

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Tim Cook opens up about Apple TV, Beats and more in candid interview

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 5.48.33 PM

Tim Cook sat down with Charlie Rose for what looks like a pretty unscripted interview. A couple of clips have been made available ahead of the first part airing on television tonight, including Cook’s admission that Steve Jobs’ office at Apple remains untouched to this day.

When pressed about Apple’s plans for TV, Cook revealed that the Apple TV now has 20 million users. “It’s far exceeded the ‘hobby’ label we’ve placed on it,” said Cook. He also said he thinks watching TV is like “entering a time capsule” and that the whole experience is stuck in the 70s.

Another topic of conversation was Apple’s purchase of Beats. Cook shared a story about how he was skeptical about Beats Music until he used it one night. Based on the few minutes we’ve already seen from the interview, it looks like the full conversation will prove to be pretty interesting.

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Steve Jobs’s office remains untouched at Apple HQ

Jobs in his home office. No public photos have surfaced of his office at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. Photo: Diana Walker

Jobs in his home office. No public photos have surfaced of his office at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. Photo: Diana Walker

In an excerpt from an interview with Charlie Rose, Tim Cook revealed that Steve Jobs’s office “is still left as it was” on the fourth floor of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. “His name is still on the door,” said Cook.

That says a lot more than any homage Apple can pay to Jobs onstage or in interviews with its executives.

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PopKey replaces your iOS 8 keyboard with a GIF control panel


GIFs are one of the finest gifts God has given the internet. I can’t get enough of them. And once iOS 8 drops it’s going to be easier than ever to have non-stop reaction GIF conversations with friends.

PopKey is a third party keyboard that will replace those useless letters on your keyboard with your favorite GIFs.

You can search for GIFs by keyword and paste them into messages without ever having to leave your conversation. The app will come with access to thousands of GIFs, but you can also upload your own if you want. And now that iOS 8 automatically deletes old messages, you don’t have to worry about them hogging your storage.

Here’s a closer look at the keyboard in action:

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AT&T won’t support iOS 8’s Wi-Fi calling feature until 2015


One of the best underrated features of iOS 8 is the addition of Wi-Fi calling, and while carriers like T-Mobile and EE have been quick to jump on Apple’s new technology that makes transition calls from LTE to WiFi seamless, AT&T is dragging its heels and says it doesn’t plan to enable the feature until 2015.

AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega doesn’t see an urgent need to add WiFi calling, reports LightReading, after attending Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference where Ralph said AT&T will only add Wi-Fi calling 2015 as a compliment to VoLTE and 3G voice.

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Less than 1% of iTunes users download U2’s freebie album

U2: the brand ad. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

Whether you wanted it or not, U2’s new album is in the purchased section of your iTunes account.

Apple inked a $100 million deal with its favorite band to put Songs of Innocence in the hands of over 500 million iTunes users, and now the album has seen over two million downloads as a result—or about 0.4% of the iTunes Store’s user base.

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Guns, robot hands fuel controversy in new movie about 3-D printing

Screengrab from YouTube

Screengrab from YouTube

3D printing is our current generation’s new home computing, says a new documentary airing on Netflix later this month. The film focuses on the first 3D printer company, Makerbot, and the several new entries into the field since.

What happens when you can suddenly print your own robotic hand? What about your own handgun? The world is suddenly both more dangerous and a better place to be.

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peak at the documentary, Print the Legend, scheduled to go live on Netflix September 26.

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U2 manager hints at new album format in development at Apple


U2’s partnership with Apple created the biggest album release ever this week with over 500 million iTunes customers receiving Song of Innocence for free, with just one bromantic touching of fingers, but according to U2’s manager, Guy Oseary, the band has even more plans in development with Apple.

Giving away U2’s album for free also proved how worthless the album format is nowadays thanks to iTunes indomitable ability to sell single MP3 files faster than McDonald’s can spit out beef patties, but in an interview with Billboard, Oseary hinted that Apple and U2 are working on a new formats to consume music too.

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iPhone 6 Plus shipping dates slip as Apple reports ‘record number of preorders’

Photo: Roberto Baldwin/ The Next Web

Photo: Roberto Baldwin/ The Next Web

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus preorders have already started selling out around the world and the shipping dates are slipping.

Spokes people for Apple say that they’re seeing an unprecedented demand for the new phones already, and carriers like AT&T are getting crushed by the unfathomable number of customers looking for an upgrade.

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Last chance for 36% off Limefuel Lite dual USB battery pack [Deals]


You trust your mobile device to keep you in touch with your business associates, friends, and family. It also stores your vital data and apps so you can access them whenever and where ever you need them. Your mobile device sure does a lot, which is why its battery tends to drain before the day is over.

You can prevent inopportune power loss with the Limefuel Lite USB battery pack, only $34.99 at Cult of Mac Deals. Better hurry, though, because this deal is almost done.

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