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Ex-Apple Ad Man: Ron Johnson Is Transforming JC Penney, Just Like Steve Jobs Transformed Apple


Ron Johnson is taking the lessons he learned from Steve and applying them to JC Penny

Even though Steve Jobs gets credit for making the gutsy move to open Apple retail stores across the country, Ron Johnson deserves a lot of praise for the Apple Store’s success.

Johnson’s vision helped Steve create the most successful chain of retails stores on the planet. Then Johnson left to become the CEO of JC Penny, where he’s faced some heavy criticism for his efforts to revitalize the brand. According to Apple’s old marketing guru Ken Segall, Ron is a visionary in his own right, and he’s transforming JC Penny just like Steve Jobs transformed Apple.

Apple’s Ex-Adman Thinks Samsung’s Ads Are Great


Ken Segall thinks Samsung's ads are really hurting Apple

Ken Segall has a long history with Apple. He worked with Steve Jobs for over 14-years as the creative director at TBWA/Chiat/Day. Segall is the guy who came up with the ‘Think Different’ campaign, literally put the ‘i’ in iMac, and he’s even got his own book about Steve Jobs.

When it comes to Apple, Ken knows what he’s talking about, and right now, he’s not happy at all with how Apple’s been approaching their ads. In Ken’s opinion, Apple is getting beat up by Samsung because Samsung is producing great ads, and Apple isn’t.

Ad vs. Ad, Who Is Winning The Apple-Samsung Playoffs [Opinion]



This is a guest post by Ken Segall, a Silicon Valley advertising executive who worked closely with Steve Jobs. Among other things, Segall put that little “i” in front of the iMac and helped develop Apple’s famous Think Different ad campaign. Segall is author of Insanely Simple, a very readable insightful account of what makes Apple tick.

Last time Apple went heavy on advertising in a sporting event, it didn’t exactly end well.

But let us not speak of the Genius anymore. All traces of that campaign have been hidden from our sight.

Now the baseball playoffs are here. And once again, Apple has made a very expensive media buy. This time, it’s blanketing the games with the new iPhone 5 ads.

But look. Someone else has moved into the neighborhood. Samsung showed up for the playoffs with equal force, in the form of its Galaxy S III ads. You know — the ones that make fun of the lost souls who line up to buy an iPhone, when they could just as easily have a much cooler Samsung phone.

Check Out Apple’s New TV Ads For iPhone 5 And EarPods [Video]


Apple has released four new TV spots, and three of them tout the brand new iPhone 5. One ad is specifically devoted to EarPods, highlighting the design process Apple went through to create its new earphones.

Unlike the failed Genius ads from the Olympics, these 4 new ads feel much more like classic Apple. Each iPhone 5 spot is 30 seconds and focuses on a particular aspect of the device.

We’ve embedded the other two iPhone 5 ads and the EarPods ad below:

Is The iPhone Getting Boring? Hear Our Take On The Latest CultCast



By now you’ve probably heard: a shiny new iPhone is right around the corner. But some in the tech world have been asking if Apple’s new trinket will only be playing catchup to more advanced, and more feature-rich, Android phones. We think that’s crap, and on our latest CultCast, we’ll tell you why.

Then — Apple’s embarrassing new Olympic Mac ads have just been pulled; we’ll tell you why we thought the ads needed to go, and so will our special guest, former Apple ad guy and longtime Steve Jobs’ collaborator, Ken Segall.

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We Talk iPhone 5s In September And Dell-Inspired Mac Ads On Our Newest CultCast



A new iPhone cometh, my friends, and sooner than you think! Find out all we know about Apple’s rumored September 12th media event on our newest CultCast, and what special goodies they will be revealing unto the world that fine, fine day.

Then — it’s been the talk of the Applesphere — those controversial new Mac ads the big A unleashed during the olympic games. Love’em or hate ’em, we’ll tell you why we’ve been less than thrilled, and so will our special guest, former Apple ad guy and long time Jobs’ collaborator, Ken Segall.

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The Top 10 Worst Apple Ads Of All Time [Feature]



Quite a bit of chatter has arisen over Apple’s newest “Genius” television ads. Some have called them “embarrassing.” Others? “Ehhh?” Even Ken Segall, one of Apple’s former advertising creative directors has given the ads a big thumbs down.

But are they really so terrible? If you take a look back, you’ll see rather quickly that Apple has produced much worse. In fact, I’d go as far to say that some of Apple’s previous ads make the new ones seem not just good, but absolutely amazing.

Don’t believe me? Check out this gallery I compiled of what I believe to be the top 10 worst Apple ads of all time. Watch out- some of them are pretty shocking.

Do The New Apple Commercials Make Mac Users Look Dumb? [Let’s Talk]


Some Mac users felt Apple's 'Genius' ads made them look stupid.
Some Mac users felt Apple's 'Genius' ads made them look stupid.

Ever since Apple debuted their new Mac ad campaign during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last week the internet has been buzzing like crazy with some people saying they’re good while many others think they’re terrible. Even Apple’s former ad-man Ken Segall came out yesterday and bashed the ads.

Apple’s definitely made some bad ads in the past, but are these the worst? What do you think about the ads? Do they make Mac users look like a bunch of Genius-dependent boneheads? Or do the ads appeal to people who might be afraid to use technology? We want to talk about it with you guys in the forums, so head on over and let us know what you think.

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The iApple Book Giveaway [Giveaway-Contest]


2012-06-15 19.59.00

How would you like to win an entire library of 10 Apple-related books? Everything from Insanely Great to Steve Jobs: A Biography to Inside Steve’s Brain by our own fearless leader Leander Kahney? There’s even a chance to just win Leander’s book (one lucky winner a week!), and how does one achieve this awesome feat?

Well, then it’s all on the iApple Book Giveaway page here on Cult of Mac. Read on for all the details…