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Ken Segall On What Made Apple’s Insanely Simple Approach Work [Q&A]

Author Ken Segall, @photo Doug Schneider.
Author Ken Segall, Photo by Doug Schneider.

Ken Segall, who named the iMac and worked on the “Think Different” campaign, has some choice takeaways from working with Steve Jobs that he’s finally sharing in book form with Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success.

The cleanly-designed cover in Apple’s signature Myriad typeface looks almost like it should be unboxed; inside you’ll find choice insider tales of the flops, false starts and history made with Apple over the 12 years he worked with the Cupertino company. (You can read an exclusive excerpt from Insanely Simple and our review of the book here.)

Segall tells Cult of Mac about the reasoning behind that lowercase “i,” winning Jobs over and what happened when ads flopped. You can catch up with him through his blog or Facebook page, where you’ll also find details about his upcoming book tour.

Today in Apple history: It’s time to ‘Think Different’


Remember this iconic slogan?
Photo: Apple

August 8August 8, 1997: At Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs introduces the world to Apple’s newest slogan, “think different” — reassuring fans that Apple is exiting its mid-1990s dark age and once again making products customers are going to love.

And, you know, kickstarting Apple’s most iconic ad campaign since the original “1984” Macintosh advert.

The guy who named iMac says Apple’s names are too confusing


The next iPhone will have a huge battery.
Is it time for Apple to change the way it names iPhones?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Former Apple marketing guru Ken Segall helped launched Apple’s string of i-devices, but now he says that the company has lost its way from simplicity lately and there’s no clearer sign than the confusing naming scheme of the iPhone.

In a recent op-ed claiming Apple’s days of simplicity may have died with his buddy Steve Jobs, Segall takes Apple’s product names to tasks for being far too complex for customers to keep track, saying Tim Cook has created products that he finds bewildering.

Apple Watch still in need of its killer app


Not everybody who bought the Apple Watch is wearing it.
Is the Apple Watch still searching for that magical "must have" app?
Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch is still searching for its “killer app,” claims a new report — arguing that the lack of a “must have” use-case is stopping Apple’s wearable device from achieving its sales potential.

The analysts in question suggest that the Apple Watch will sell between 9-12 million units this year.