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iWatch may be make or break for wearable tech

(Photo: Fuse Chicken)

(Photo: Fuse Chicken)

As the first new product line launched under Tim Cook, most people realize how significant the iWatch is going to be for Apple. But research firm ABI Research thinks it’s also going to be make or break for the wearables market.

Crunching figures, ABI points out that “smartwatch” shipments for the first quarter of 2014 was an unimpressive 510,000 units — with the top four players being Samsung, Sony, Pebble and Casio. ABI suggests that users are holding off on picking up wearables until the launch of the iWatch.

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Android Wear smartwatches get the jump on Apple’s iWatch

With Google showing off Android-powered wearables from Samsung, LG and Motorola at its Google I/O developers conference this week, the smartwatch competition has officially heated up.

The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live will ship in early July, so Android Wear smartwatches will definitely beat Apple’s rumored iWatch to the market. In today’s video, Cult of Mac shows how these handy, Android-powered devices — which let users access smartphone features from the convenience of their wrists — set the bar high for the iWatch.

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Apple’s iWatch team picks up another biosensor expert


Apple has made another interesting hire to augment the already impressive number of biometrics experts the company has snapped up in recent times.

Alex Hsieh, who joins Apple as a new firmware developer, was formerly lead engineer at the weight training-oriented, fitness-tracking company Atlas Wearables.

Launched on Indiegogo back in February, Atlas raised an impressive $629,000 to create the most accurate and social wearable activity tracker yet available on the market. This accuracy was largely the result of an impressive suite of internal sensors, designed in part by Hsieh.

With reports about the iWatch in full swing, this hire confirms once again that Apple has one of the most biosensor impressive teams ever assembled for its long-awaited arrival in the wearables field.

Why your first ‘iWatch’ will be an Android

Why your first ‘iWatch’ will be an Android

After giving the world a glimpse at Android Wear back in March, Google has finally revealed its new OS meant for wearables. Android Wear, detailed Wednesday at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, is a true OS for smartwatches that will offer many advanced features like synced notifications, the ability to control other devices around you and constant display of relevant information based on the wearer’s location.

Unless Apple surprises the world with the speedy release of its long-rumored iWatch, it looks like Android Wear smartwatches will win the race for wrist supremacy. In other words, they’ll be your first “iWatch.” Here’s what the Google-powered devices will offer.

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Crystal Baller: iWatch leaks overclock the rumor mill

Is the FDA making us wait for iWatch?

(Photo: Fuse Chicken)

(Photo: Fuse Chicken)

While some reports are claiming that Apple is still finalizing the specifications for its first generation iWatch ahead of the supposed October launch, another set of reports — supposedly backed up by insider sources — put forward another theory.

And it makes a lot of sense.

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iWatch will come in different sizes, with more than 10 sensors


Apple is set to unleash multiple versions of its long-awaited iWatch this fall, according to a new report from the the Wall Street Journal.

Coming in multiple screen sizes, and boasting more than 10 sensors to track health and fitness data, Apple seems set to go way beyond the current smartphone accessory functionality seen in present generation smartwatches.

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Apple gets ready to pull trigger on 2.5-inch iWatch


We’ve been trudging through a toxic hellstew of iWatch rumors for more than 18 months, but if rumors are to be believed, the world is about to finally see the fabled iWatch.

Production on Apple’s first smartwatch is set to begin next month, with Taiwan’s Quanta Computer handling production, says Reuters, who says the iWatches display will be a little bigger than expected.

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Intelligent sensors will make the iWatch even smarter than you thought

An iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton

An iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton

Based on the massive number of hires they’ve made in the field as of late, it’s no mystery that Apple is interested in biometrics and biosensors. However three new patent applications published Thursday shed a bit more light on what Apple has up its sleeve, and make us feel even more excited about the possibility of an iWatch (and future iPhones) later this year.

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New York Times profile of Tim Cook hints at iWatch plans

"Aw shucks, me?"

“Aw shucks, me?”

The New York Times featured a fascinating profile of Tim Cook on Sunday, describing his leadership style at Apple — including his role in product development, his efforts to grow the Apple brand, and his “quiet” approach to design. The profile also features a couple of neat insights that may have bearing on Apple’s eagerly-awaited iWatch development.

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