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Ice Bucket Challenge: Apple Edition

Every now and then an Internet craze will spread around the world with everyone trying their hands at it. From the cinnamon challenge to the fire challenge, each one brings its own risks and sometimes even pain.

The latest challenge meme — the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — has been a force unlike any other, sucking in celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Oprah and even a couple of top Apple employees.

In today’s video, we take a look this icy charity dare that’s taking over the world. See Apple executives, actors, athletes and more take part in this chilling experience and find out the reason behind it all.

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Ending Soon! RapidWeaver Creates Powerful And Beautiful Websites [Deals]

Ending Soon! RapidWeaver Creates Powerful And Beautiful Websites [Deals]

Not everyone wants to code.

Whether that’s because of time constraints or simply because of a lack of interest, it’s a fact that coding isn’t going to be on everyone’s agenda. But what if you want to build a powerful and beautiful website without having to have some coding knowledge? This is where this Cult of Mac Deals offer comes to the rescue.

We’re offering RapidWeaver 5 – which can do exactly what you’re looking for – for just $49! And we’re throwing in the Nobility Theme for good measure, meaning that your newly built website will look great as soon as you publish it.

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Become A Webdesign Master With Dreamweaver Essentials Course [Deal Ending]

Become A Webdesign Master With Dreamweaver Essentials Course [Deal Ending]

Did you know the first version of WordPress was written using DreamWeaver? Yep, it’s true. Now you might not be interested in creating the next great CMS, but you might be interested in using Dreamweaver to create awesome websites. This is where Dreamweaver Essentials comes in. Over 7.5 hours and 100 hands-on lectures that will make you a DW rockstar.

More info on the Dreamweaver Essentials Course after the jump…

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Apple Support Page Facelift Gives You Easier Access To What You Need Most

Apple Support Page Facelift Gives You Easier Access To What You Need Most

Apple has revised their website today. The new site has a cleaner look with most of the popular items accessible and immediately visible. I happened to run into it tonight while checking the status of an AppleCare auto-enrollment for a new iMac that was purchased last week-end.

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This Is What To Expect From Apple’s New iCloud Music Service [Feature]

This Is What To Expect From Apple’s New iCloud Music Service [Feature]

Wondering what to expect from iCloud? Here's what we think you'll see based upon iCloud's predecessor, Lala.

While much has been made over Apple’s uncharacteristic pre-conference spilling of the beans regarding the impending announcement of a new, web-based service called iCloud, no one really knows what this “amazing,” “fantastic” and “magical” new service is going to look, feel or sound like — and won’t — until Steve Jobs unveils it to the audience at San Francisco’s Moscone West auditorium next week.

Still, we can put together a reasonable idea of the service iCloud will provide based upon Lala, the streaming music service Apple bought back in 2009. Assuming that Apple is basing iCloud on Lala and filling in the blanks with the latest industry reports and rumors, here’s a complete overview of what we think iCloud will look like when it’s announced on Monday.

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Make Dead Easy Websites With Mac Design Software Sandvox

Make Dead Easy Websites With Mac Design Software Sandvox

Karelia Software announced a major upgrade to the company’s flagship Sandvox product Tuesday, making it possible even for CEOs to quickly and easily build a website.

Far simpler than Dreamweaver yet more flexible and robust than iWeb, Sandvox 2.0 is designed for Mac and brings fully competent web design within the realm of possibility for those with nothing more than a desire for presence on the Internet and a vague idea of what it should look like.

Its palette of stock site designs aren’t especially cutting-edge but what Sandvox does offer is clean and uncluttered, with a range of inoffensive color themes that should appeal to the wide audience of individuals and small business owners who may be flummoxed by an infinite variety of web-publishing platforms — and don’t want to pay an actual web designer to build an attractive, functional website.

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Flock’s New Social-Network Browser Finally Released For Mac

For Mac users awash in social networking (and that’s like saying “for NASCAR drivers with the ability to make left turns”), today’s release of Flock‘s completely revamped browser — which, like its predecessor, is heavily integrated with social networking sites — should be exciting news.

It’s been a long wait for Mac users, as the browser completed its transformation from a Mozilla to a Chromium 7 skeleton. The new Flock arrived on Windows last summer, and Flock’s blog claimed an October release for the Mac version, with no word since then. But it’s here, it easily integrates major social networks right out of the box (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even LinkedIn) — and it’s fast.

We’ll take a closer look at Flock in our upcoming browser comparo. Stay tuned.

From Camino To Safari And Back Again [Opinion]


The tweet says it all: I’m back using Camino after switching to Safari when version 5 was released back in July.

Although I appreciate Safari’s speed while browsing, and the variety of extensions on offer was wonderful to see, there was one problem that drove me back to Camino: crashes and beachballs.

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Gruber’s Theory Of Apple As A Web Company: It’s All About Mobile


John Gruber of Daring Fireball spoke at the Web 2.0 Expo 2010 on the subject of “Apple and the Open Web.”

Here’s the full talk:

He makes an interesting argument: based solely on what you see of its website, you’d never think that Apple was a web company. But its dependence on the web itself, and of the HTTP protocol, for things like the App Store and Mobile Me, makes it more of a web company than many would think. Apple’s innovations around the web, and its contributions (such as WebKit, the basis for Safari and many other competing browsers), make it “a great web company.”

“I think mobile is the best thing that’s ever happened to the web. I say the iPhone is the best thing that’s ever happened to mobile.”

What do you think?

Got Any Questions For 37Signal’s Jason Fried?

Got Any Questions For 37Signal’s Jason Fried? Would you like to ask Jason Fried, founder and CEO of 37 Signals, a question? Tomorrow is your chance.

Tune in at 11AM, Thursday, July 22, to a livestream of an interview with Fried, courtesy of HP’s Input|Output series.

Fried’s 37signals is behind the popular, Web-based workgroup services Basecamp, Highrise, and others. But in addition to Web apps, Fried is also an expert on the modern workplace, and how “the new workplace in the new normal.”

Fried is becoming well-known for his strong opinions about the inefficiencies of the typical workplace and how it’s designed for distractions. His ideas are spreading via his popular blog and Twitter feed. This story from Inc. magazine — The Way I Work: Jason Fried of 37Signals — serves as an introduction to Fried’s approach.

I’ve been invited to live tweet during the webcast with Fried, and would like to invite you to submit your questions. Fried will be discussing everything about the modern workplace, from physical layouts to management practices and what tech-tools are indispensable.

The interview will be livestreamed on Thursday at 11 AM PST or 2 PM EST. Tune in using this link.

To ask a Jason a question, post it in the comments below or on Twitter. Address your question to @lkahney with the hashtag #hpio, or do it yourself during the webcast using the #hpio hashtag.

HP’s Input|Output series has featured Chris Anderson of Wired; Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class; and John Battelle, Federated Media. Coming up soon is Clay Shirky, the renowned author and teacher.